After years of dating frustration, Montana resident Debbie Best thought her luck had finally changed when she met a handsome antiques dealer from Florida through an online dating site.
Sarah Richardson is the author of “Online Dating Scams – Protect Your Heart and Money,” a guide whose main aim is to help people who use online dating services by teaching them everything related to such services. If you use an online dating website or if you know someone who does, then you should read Sarah Richardson’s guide or recommend it to the respective person.
Online dating brings with it many risks, it’s great to see that there are such helpful guides to aid you!
Many people don’t really think things through before putting their personal information on places like online dating sites.
I hear a lot of close firends have started online dating nom, and I have thought about it as well. It should go without saying that you should never, ever wire money to a stranger you met online. Many, if not most online dating scams come from criminals living in former Soviet republics, West Africa or south-easterns Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Keeping your online dating pursuits local will drastically decrease your risk of falling victim to a romance scam. Online dating scammers sometimes claim to be from your area or country, but they will almost always be overseas or heading overseas for some particular business reason. As we’ve said before, online dating can definitely be worthwhile and with more people than ever signing up for dating sites, the potential to meet someone great is very high. Check out some of our dating site reviews here and see which sites we’ve uncovered as scams and which are legit. Today might be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you want a spooky surprise when you’re online dating. The FBI released a report earlier in the year detailing common online dating scams aimed at stealing your money. Communicating with people over the phone or through Skype once you’ve sent a few messages will also be a good way to vet whether the person you’re in contact with is actually for real. There are hundreds of online matchmaking sites around the world that cater to the tastes of nearly every kind of person.
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Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. You can find a job, choose where to travel to and make online payments, buy goods, start a business, and so much more – possibilities are endless. With a wealth of specialized services from which to choose, it is considerably easier to find your significant other in today’s society. The focus is on scammers and on avoiding them, so “Online Dating Scams” will provide valuable advice as to how to identify a scammer’s profile, how to recognize scams, how to avoid fraud, how to deal with persons who engage in this kind of activity, and so on. This may seem like an obvious statement, but more and more people fall for online dating scams everyday.

If someone you’ve connected with online has obvious troubles with the English language, it could be a big red flag. For instance, they will claim to have blonde hair and blue eyes, while their photo depicts someone with dark hair and dark eyes, or vice-versa. For this reason, scammers will try to pursue long-distance online relationships with their victims.
But before you set out to find potential connections online, you need to be aware of scammers. Trying to find a compatible partner is hard enough without having to worry about getting scammed. Among the warnings include people who profess their love for you instantly, send photos of themselves that look like they were taken from a glamour magazine and making plans to visit you, but requesting money to travel due to a tragic event.
Lots of scams fall apart when the scammer is forced to talk — many won’t even attempt to communicate at all.
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Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. However, scammers represent a threat in the world of online dating, causing not only heartbreak, but also financial issues via identity theft.
The author also offers several fraud examples, so that you may better understand how scammers operate and how to avoid their schemes.
After reading this guide, you will surely wish to purchase Sarah Richardson’s other books, because she explains everything in accessible language and in such a manner that you feel as if you were talking to a friend.
Scammers are constantly developing new strategies by which to prey on vulnerable online daters and more people are falling victim to such persuasive scamming tactics all the time. Sometimes they will claim to be Native American or some other ethnicity when the photo clearly depicts a Caucasian person. When someone seems very interested in pursuing a long-distance relationship over the Internet, but dodges the prospect of a face to face meeting, it’s a definite red flag.
You may find yourself enamored with someone you met on a dating site, but it is very important not to let your guard down. Earlier in the week, the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on British-based website JDI Dating for allegedly using fake profiles to lure people into paying for their paid membership program.
They might have a great story as to why they need help, but know that they’re looking for your money, not your love.
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Recently, a Canadian woman gave away 1.3 million dollars to a man with whom she began a supposed relationship online, but never met in person.
To top it off, the FTC said JDI Dating billed their customers recurring monthly fees without their approval.
One currently common strategy used by scammers is to take a photo of a soldier from a military website and use it for a profile. Many reports advise that when Nigeria or Ghana come into the equation, it is almost certainly a scam.
You should also avoid opening attachments or clicking on links in emails from strangers because they might be attempting to hack into your computer by infesting it with a virus.
Sometimes, if you call out a scammer, they become highly offended and start throwing out words and insults toward you in their native language.
We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own. Yet every time she tried to set up an in person meeting, the man would come up with another excuse for why he was unable. The victims reported collective losses of $50.4 million, which is likely only a fraction of the actual losses since many victims are too embarrassed to file a report, the FBI said. This was obviously an extreme case, but it shows the extent to which caution should be taken when seeking companionship online.
Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. A man calling himself "John" messaged her and through daily phone calls and messages on Facebook, he gained her trust.
He spoke with what she thought was a British accent and his picture on Facebook portrayed a nice-looking man with graying hair and a beard. Then one day he called saying he went to Nigeria to buy more, but he was stuck -- he asked her for $5,000 cash to get his purchases back to the States. She searched Web forums, eventually finding another woman's story of a scammer with the same name. Then she received a nearly $1,000 phone bill from calling the phone number he had said wouldn't charge her. Army's Criminal Investigation Command says they receive hundreds of reports every month from people fooled by phony service members. Many scammers use fake photos to lure their victims but video messaging is much harder to fake.

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