Our main mission is to help out programmers and coders, students and learners in general, with relevant resources and materials in the field of computer programming.
You can download all the necessary project files including project source code in Java, ppt, project manual, full project documentation and other files of online quiz system project from the download link in this post.
Being a web-based project, the proposed quiz system aims at providing an online comprehensive platform for management of quiz competitions as well as the individuals participating in quiz as a team.
Java Quiz is a completely free online service to help you test your Java skills and prepare for the Java Programmer exam. Frankly speaking, there are a number of inconvenient on-line testing services for Java, so we tried to provide a better service.
Core Java Skill Test is an Online Test, designed to ask randomly selected questions includes Practical Questions, Theoretical Questions, and Popular interview questions. The purpose of this Online Quiz is to help you understand your skill, build your confidence, prepare for interview, know your proficiency level, and finally you can Aim for Next. This online test is designed with most popular Interview Question, and recommended questions from industry experts.

The main aim of this project is to create a discussion platform consisting of quiz questions on different topics, fields and subjects. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the scope, functional requirements, software configuration and limitations of this project. The users of the system include administrators, industrialists, institutions, organizations, academicians, and others. New modules, features, and components can be easily integrated into the system as per user requirements to make this project a even better one.
So here in this article I am sharing the system along with database, you can use it as a project in your school or college. Online Quiz system facilitates a user-friendly environment of Bluebook implementation, and the project overall manual effort. The teams with lower average marks are eliminated, and remaining teams compete in the next level. Furthermore, viewing and deleting the quiz results as well as automatic elimination of teams depending on their performance can be done.

A couple of enhancements that can be done to this online quiz system project are implementation of more rounds and use of J2ME to provide high security. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Those who are looking forward to taking mock tests may find this project very useful for practicing mock quiz tests. Most of the problems were found in forums or similar online services, but we did not try to copy them directly because there is always room for improvement, and we have tried to provide that improvement.
After attempting all the questions a Submit button is shown which submits the data that is stored in database.

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