To enter the code sign into your account and then click Place order, put the promo code in the promo code box at the top. After adding the code to your account you will see this image in your account, just click on it to order your FREE Pizza! Midget Momma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Heads or tails?Correctly call the coin toss for Super Bowl XLVI and you’ll win a free large one-topping pizza from Papa John’s in a promotion the pizza chain has dubbed the “Papa John’s Super Bowl XLVII Coin Toss Experience.”It’s the second year Papa John’s has sponsored the promotion.
If none of the above Papa John’s coupon codes fit your needs, consider using one of these three 25% off Papa John’s codes: PNC25, VISA25, or SAVE25 to receive 25% off your regular priced menu order.

The other 50% off Papa John’s coupon codes have expired, but when new promo codes are released, I’ll be sure to share them as well. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos caused a bit of a firestorm when field microphones overheard the team's audibles and fans thought Manning used the call "Papa John's" which would be some sly free advertising for the pizza company Manning endorses. While a closer look at the replay does suggest that "Papa John's" is indeed used multiple times on this play,A it is clearly not Manning's voice. No matter who made the call, the connection to Manning is unmistakable, and it is an interesting new twist to product advertising on the field, even if that wasn't the intent. Through February 1, when you place your order of $15 or more and use promo code SUPERBOWL at checkout you’ll be able to score a FREE large pizza (up to three toppings) on a future order!

It appears as though it was either the center, Manny Ramirez, calling an audible for the offensive line or the Eagles' defense used the call to distract Manning. On Monday, February 2 you’ll receive 25 bonus Papa Rewards points into your account which you can use to redeem your freebie! Grab any two large pizzas (up to 5 toppings and Specialty Pizzas) for only $20.15 when you enter Papa Johns promo code PJ2015.

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