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This is to share some of my daily reflections on my part and  inspirational tips that will brighten your day.
Photo Illustration: (Click on image to view larger) A small boy carrying a big orange which is much heavier than his own weight, this illustration shows a heavy load and this is your mission! Note: The picture illustration of  a boy carrying an orange is my own photography, I have used one big orange to complete the process for interesting views, I took it while making Fruit crafts and carvings in the past intended for food blogs. Sometimes,we need to value disappointments and frustrations because they give the best lesson in life. However, we do experience downfall before we learn what is right but, we also learn from everyday experience no matter how hurting and painful it was.
When I started making poems, reflections and inspirational quotes is always  accompanied with a background illustration. I tell you one thing, In one single page,written words take many forms, it represents the words and phrases deriving from the image itself.

Each is a thought, an emotion I wrote to my wife and soul-mate, and my children and friends, as I pondered the nature of mankind, love, and purpose of humanity. He is now in the Philippines, it’s his first Apostolic visit to the Philippines bringing mercy and compassion. This might be the reason why we can’t find everlasting happiness on earth that we can only find it peacefully in heaven. People lost their loved ones and hard-earned belongings like; houses, appliances, furniture and all the things with sentimental values. I guess, it would be more interesting to use my own fruit carving and shots for inspiration quotes, poems and reflections. It is an effective lesson to behave and wake you up not to repeat the same mistakes done in the past. Other way, if you think about a lesson for yourself or ourselves, it’s not enough to just learn it in school.
Parents always encouraged children to go to school and do well, they even stretched their budget in order to give you the best things in life, they always make certain that they were always involved in any aspect of school. At dawn, more concentration to my side especially when everyone else is peaceful and atmosphere is good for no one distracts?

This journey can take you inside your own heart and seed thoughts of love for the wondrous people in your life. If you give effort a chance, it makes you feel more confident and optimistic to make your personality better.
These passages are a serious, humorous, and loving journey through love and life–a journey that unfolds the answers. If you check my file, it was all full of images, there were lots of photos stored to  my folder. Probably the hardest part in making cover illustrations will be to stay patient and alive till late nights. Once again, I don’t want it to be wasted, it turned out to be a useful and better alternative getting something from scratch.

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