AVM students are being provided platforms to flourish with their inherent talent through different academic activities as well .In order to unleash their creativity and literary talent.
In Atmiya Vidya Mandir, we are witnessing not just teaching of poems to the students, rather, the creation of poets themselves!
Here are a few poems written by young poets of Class 6B to pay tribute to their mothers as a class activity. Recently students of Std IX A were taught a nature poem written by Alfred Tennyson where he personified a river named Brook. There are so many friendship poems that can be searching on internet but here in this post i have gathered some beautiful and heart touching friendship poems below.

Students were guided in their English class to compose their own poems by using literary devices like simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration and rhyming scheme. Every person has so many friends in his life but one best friend has so many importance in life. Poem is a way of expressive and sentimental words, funny and silly quotes in a way of different writing style. The best friends are those who always stand with each other in happiness, sorrow, troubles, loses and success. Well, there are so many famous poets like William Shakespeare, Emily Watson, Robert Frost and so many more who always touch our heartbeats with their beautiful poems.

Well, poems are written on any topic like love, sadness, relationship, feelings and so many more.

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