Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Brantley Logistics Services is a third party logistics service provider for truckload transportation, “less than truckload”, cross docking, and warehousing. We have created a functional business structure of the executive team of entrepreneurs, department managers, and various employees. As in every business there is always potential legal and ethical issues that could result in charges of discrimination of race, gender, disabilities, and as per OSHA and other environmental organizations. The culture of our business is our attitude and commitment to servicing our customers, employees, and community.
When motivating employees, BLS will for set clear instructions as to the functions of the jobs to be performed and how we will go about achieving our goals using an opening directive approach. BLS employs only the best of the best employees to perform intricate tasks and provide excellent customer service.
We have employed the best and brightest for our IT department to upgrade and maintain our computer systems.
Because BLS is a third party logistics provider, there is minimal overhead cost of operating any type of machinery other than computers and managing software. While a third party logistics company may not have all of the same issues as a production company, BLS is still a business that employs human resources to operate and provide a service. These Wenger Presentation Portfolios are great for organizing to-do lists, ideas for company presentations, employee luncheons, and much more. Use text, charts, tables, visuals, etc., to detail the different areas of business found within your company.
BLS can service all of your supply chain management needs through customized services from start to finish.
Furthermore, companies are required to operate in compliance with local city and state laws of the location of the business. Then, I like to empower employees by getting them involved in the various operations, cross-training, and allowing employee involvement in manager meetings to share thoughts and ideas. Instead, BLS provides expertise in the transportation and logistics industry to companies so they can more focus on the manufacturing, supplying and retail sales. The first six are approaches or theories I like or mostly agree with which include; motives and emotions, biopsychosocial approach, brain and behavior, social psychology, personality psychology, and humanistic approach. These Manchester presentation portfolios are great for organizing to-do lists, ideas for company presentations, employee luncheons, and much more.
These DuraHyde basic presentation portfolios are great for organizing to-do lists, ideas for company presentations, employee luncheons, and much more. These Renaissance presentation portfolios are great for organizing to-do lists, ideas for company presentations, employee luncheons, and much more. BLS will coordinate, book, plan, and manage your shipping needs from raw materials to the manufacturer, and manufacturer to various buyers and suppliers.
We each work together and with our team of department managers to ensure BLS is consistently moving forward for increasing profitability for the company and team members. Each employee is focused and driven relying on self-discipline continually improving our work environment and our community.

Using this participative approach allows employees’ voices to be heard and helps them better perform their job with an increased knowledge of other operations throughout the organization. Next, we have developed standardized testing for all applicants to ensure their competency of their knowledge and skills. However, we must ensure each employee is operating at their optimal to give the highest quality information and to coordinate the right carriers for the right customers to maximize profitability for BLS and our customers. In this presentation, will cover BLS’s organization and structure, legal and ethical matters, BLS business culture, employee motivation methods, human resource management, technology, and operations and materials management.
Each department manager is responsible for managing employees and making or adjusting standard operating procedures for the best benefit of the company and employees. As for BLS, we have set ethical standards and principles that guide us in every transaction with customers both internal and external. In efforts to further empower employees, I like to let employees feel comfortable in their jobs and giving their opinions.
Last, the remaining employees will be called in for a face to face interview for a final review with the potential employees. Each employee has a laptop and docking station at their workstation with the latest windows software operating system.
We have an excellent code of ethics that guide us in everyday transactions to create a business culture of positive attitudes and ethical behavior. The last three are theories I dislike all together which include; Freud’s development theory, the gestalt approach, and radical behaviorism. Our employees are the most important people of our operation performing the everyday tasks and carrying out operations needed to keep the business going. Unethical behaviors fosters distrust, reduces efficiency, increases cost, and ultimately causes damage to the business and the economy.
To ensure employees remain at a top-level of excellence, our department managers alongside our human resource managers have developed a team of employee development trainers who will coordinate, instruct, and mentor employees on regular intervals. We have a high-speed broadband internet connection service with Wi-Fi routers to allow employees ease of access within our facility. We have employed a percentage based grading system on data accuracy and send out quarterly surveys to our customers and carrier partners. BLS has created a way to motivate each employee through different methods using emotional intelligence.
We strive to develop employees and managers constantly and promote employees and managers from within the company.
Employees need to know that should they have any problems, work or home, he or she can confide with management, building trust between the employee and management. Through on-the-job training sessions, e-learning classes, streaming video courses, and classroom instruction, BLS employs various training methods.
Our integrated network allows easier access for IT and employees to quickly access any computer within the network to make necessary updates, or upgrades in software or fix any problems.
We look for ways to increase productivity by and upgrading systems for electronic data transfers for booking new orders. We have a human resource management team that has developed a system from recruitment to pay to attract and retain the best and brightest employees in the industry.

Explanation on why or why not I like the theories will be explained along with some examples to help make more sense of the theories or approaches.
Using the supportive approach further empowers employees in their participation and further motivates them in their directives. BLS is a non-union company and provides above market-average pay and benefits for employees and managers.
We have the latest in internet and computer security software that protects critical files and information from possible intruders. We seek out employee comments on increasing innovation to find new ways to perform tasks, and sell customer freight at cheaper costs such as identifying static lanes to sell out and return lanes at cheaper costs.
Furthermore, we have acquired the best computer software and hardware to ensure we are always up to speed with our customers, contract carriers, and security. I will also explain how the future of psychology will be affected by the theories described.
Last, employees, no matter the type of person they are like goals, or something to look forward to. Should any conflict in labor relations arise, BLS has an arbitration agreement between employees, managers, and the company to resolve conflicts before they start. We look to increase customer responsiveness by an integrated phone system to allow us to track incoming customer calls; hold times, roll over not answered calls, and total time spent on phone calls. Furthermore, our business model allows reduced overall cost of operations and materials management and more customer focused operations to improve communications, data integrity, and customer service. The second to last slide I will explain the challenges and fun I have had with this project and in my psychology courses. Using the Achievement-oriented approach, BLS rounds up each motivational approach with obtainable goals and benchmarks so that everyone can see where we are going as a company and is fully aware of how we will get there. The stakeholders for BLS each plan an equally important role for the success of the company. The presentation only covers a fraction of the knowledge I have gained throughout my bachelor’s program in behavioral sciences. One must be able to read his employees using emotional intelligence and apply the proper method to each employee. Managers will be on the floor and an available resource for employees to help “clear the path.” With our managers being involved in the daily work of our employees, we can better streamline processes, get immediate answers to questions and give immediate feedback and performance appraisal to employees. With the day to day constant interaction with employees, managers are more able to give more accurate annual reviews and better performance appraisals. Furthermore, when high-performing employees exceed expectations, BLS offers incentive bonuses quarterly following the reporting period of that quarter. When BLS as a company is on target to exceed company annual targets, we offer company-wide bonuses to all employees.
We believe our employees to be the best of the best, and when we all work together to achieve our goals, we reward every employee for his or her efforts.

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