If you don't want to use the title slide, click the Delete Slide button in the Slides group on the Home tab. In the sample here, American Made Woodworking Machines was typed into the Click to Add Title text box. The Slide Layout templates include several combination of titles, text, and content in each slide. Or, choose the Home tab, click the New Slide button , and then choose the slide layout you want. There may be times that you need to present the information in your slide in an outline form. Place the mouse pointer at the point at which you would like to add text and begin typing the information you want to add.
This Audacity tutorial will show you how to use the basic tools and procedures in the open source audio editing program, Audacity. This Excel 2003 Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using the Excel 2003 spreadsheet program.
This Podcasting tutorial includes a step by step guide that will show you how to record, publish and promote your podcast. This LCD Projector Guide will assist you in the use and purchase of a digital LCD projector or DLP projector.

This Microsoft Word 2007 Workspace tutorial will acquaint you with the new tools and features in the Word 2007 Window.
The Office Theme dialog box appears and displays several layout templates that are used to arrange text and other objects on your slide. Click on one of the slide layout templates to insert a new slide with the desired layout into your presentation. The slide appears on the Slides tab and is problably the most commonly used slide layout although you can choose any layout you like depending on the content you want on your slide. You can easily create an outline by using the Increase List Level button to create a hierarchy. Click the Increase List Lvel "button in the paragraph group to indent the bullets for Disc Sanders and Belt Sanders.
You can also delete text by highlighting the text with your mouse and pressing the Delete key.
PowerPoint has several slide layouts from which to choose that provide various combination of a title, text, and content.
In this case, I selected a slide layout that included a title and two pieces of content side by side.
If you need to decrease an indent, then use the Decrease List Level button in the Paragraph group.

PowerPoint and Keynote have been the mainstays of presentation delivery for years making it an unbeatable choice as a user-safe solution for sharing and troubleshooting presentations.Linking to WebWhen giving a presentation, the purpose is to create an immersive informational experience that engages your audience from beginning to end. However, if you are collaborating with other users and want to ask their opinion regarding the presentation without them having PowerPoint installed, a solution is converting the presentation to PDF and sending it to them for review.
The conversion to PDF is very simple; you just need a converter such as novaPDF installed and simply print your presentation to it.
By installing novaPDF you can convert your presentations into PDF files - simply choose novaPDF as a printer and once you click the Print button your presentation will be converted to a PDF.
Having your PowerPoint presentation in PDF format is an advantage if you want to send it for review (the person receiving it does not need in this case PowerPoint installed) or for printing. These are the settings to configure in the novaPDF Office Add-in: Advanced - This lets you select which printer to use and if you want to save the document before converting it.
Links - This section lets you customize how links will be detected and converted in the resulting PDF file.

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