Ken Lear is an entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist currently residing in Detroit, MI.
The latest trends in web designing are seeing a complete overhaul and many web designers are revolutionizing their web pages by incorporating a lot of 3D technology. With Adobe Illustrator, it is very easy to create 3D, animated and visually pleasing images.
To add color to the shape, select the shapes created and go to the Gradient panel with the selection tool. To give further effects to your page, go to Effect, select Blur and use any of the options available, such as Gaussian Blur, Radial blur or smart Blur.
Create a background of your choice with all the frills using the Gradient tool in Photoshop. Now place the Groups in an overlapping fashion, one slightly out of the center than the other and so on, by using the Selection tool. The final result is an amazing web page, designed with all the special effects you desired and is bound to attract a lot of visitors. Just have a look at these beautiful websites designed with 3D technology and ensure by yourselves. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When meeting people for the first time 90% of their impression of you is based on how you look and how you sound. Even when we know the audience, when we are given the floor to talk there is a certain expectation about how we should carry ourselves.
In Part II of this series Lois Ireson Director at MSB Executive shares some of her favourite ways to look and sound better when it matters. We are often told to A?a‚¬E?stand tall’ when getting up to present which often results in us jolting our heads back and sticking our chins up. Save your SITC shoes for the bar – anything too vertiginous will affect your posture and easily throw you off balance.

A presentation is not a A?a‚¬E?fashion parade’ but an opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge. If you believe that you worked hard to prepare for a presentation, there is no way you will bomb. Take charge of your weekday wardrobe and wear this fuchsia sheath dress for your presentation!
This attracts more attention and helps in creating a powerful visual experience for their visitors.
You can create radial gradients of your choice by using various combinations on this panel.
Now select your picture pasted from illustrator and create new layers with various effects using the options in Photoshop.
Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop can be thus used in synergy to bring out beautifully designed web pages. This may seem highly unfair but self-presentation can often be the last thing on our minds when we are worrying about a big presentation.
The net result of this (apart from being quite painful after a while) is that our up-turned chins can look aggressive, even arrogant.
I like to call this A?a‚¬E?taking up your space in the world’ A?a‚¬“ it is the sweet spot between hiding from your audience and looking like you own the joint. Chose professional and neutral business clothing that fit you properly A?a‚¬“ a wardrobe malfunction is not a great idea when you stand up to speak! She brings 14 years of international business experience together with a passion to help people to achieve the success they deserve. By practicing in the mirror, you can see where you are having trouble, and if your body language isn’t what you want it to be. Not yours slides or your statistics; it’s how you present yourself that the audience takes away from the presentation.
Embellished with a metallic silver accent along its notched neckline, this fitted frock has you taking on the conference room with bold, bright confidence.

Such effect can be achieved by designing your web pages in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can get reflections by setting the opacity to the required percentage in a shape just outside your main drawing using the transparent panel. You need to create at least two to three layers with different effects on the same picture to get great effects. Now imagine an inflated helium balloon on the crown of your head, gently pulling it upwards. Moving around can help work off the nervous adrenalin we discussed in Part 1 and also make your talk more interesting for the audience.
Pulling down on your sleeves, fiddling with jewellery and rocking on your heels can be perceived as immature. An audience loves that you can feel comfortable with the material and add a little flare along with it. Your personality and charisma can turn any presentation into something worthwhile and memorable. Ensure your shoes are polished and in good order, many senior managers judge people on the care taken over details such as shoes.
If you are prone to these habits choose clothing (such as a three-quarter length sleeve jacket) that stop you from doing them!
Being great takes practice and preparation, and the first step toward doing so is building confidence. Practicing in front of friends or your co-workers will also give you a taste of what it will be like when you step in front of everyone. It’ll make your voice sound louder and more assured which in turn will give you the confidence you need to create a fantastic impression!

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