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Just conctact Call Center +6282300081970 when you are interest to become an NAUI Instructor and NAUI Member. Luxury Travel Spending Up 9.2% Despite Gloomy Economy throughout 2013 reports American Express Travel! The global population will reached 7.6 billion by the end of 2013, just 13 years after hitting 6 billion. Luxury Report 2013 says High Earners Not Rich Yet (HENRYs) earn $100,000-$249,999 still feel the Global Financial Crisis. Shanghai leads the worlds most populous cities in the world with 18,336,133 (July 2013) people. Jakarta a relatively undiscovered golf destination offering world class courses.  Whether you’re there on business or pleasure the new Enjoy Jakarta Golf brand and initiative includes 30 golf courses in and around Indonesia’s bustling capital ready to deliver a sophisticated experience to the visiting golf traveller, which will surprise and delight you. Combine this with stunning landscapes from green inner city oases to the Bogor highlands 45 minutes from the city centre. Outstanding clubhouses are the norm, with superior restaurants, a huge range of food and wine offerings and, unique to Jakarta, clubs offer VIP rooms for hire and most also have meeting rooms for those mixing business with pleasure. Despite the exceptionally high quality of the golf courses, maintenance, landscaping, clubhouses, locker rooms, restaurants and service, Jakarta golf courses can be enjoyed at very competitive rates and represent exceptional value for money. Visitors to the well, loved Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver can now enjoy the recently opened RedCedar boutique massage suite. Spain’s Sha Wellness Clinic in Albir Beach is an amazing place to detox and enjoy the comforts of a medically conscious spa. Improvements to the First Class experience on International Airlines are being seen at a very fast pace.
What's the one thing a nearly 900 year old hotel in Spain needs to attract guests in 2014 ?
When we arrived at La Posta Vecchia, we knew we were in a magical place where a relaxing holiday awaited us. Singapore has clinched the number one spot on Lonely Planet’s list of the top countries to visit in 2015.
The vast pacific has lots to offer and thousands of islands from Tahiti to the Whitsundays. Today’s wine lovers want more than a well stocked minibar when they travel and more than a few are catering to this discerning market segment. There is something about taking a luxury cruise that is not present on a holiday taken on good old terra firma. It sounds easy enough and most people, myself included, think that Chinese cooking is just frying and sauteing. Many steps led to this simple-looking Fried prawns with crispy potato coated with wasabi mayonnaise.
My favorite dish of the day was the wok-fried beef tenderloin with shimeji mushrooms and black pepper. Surprisingly small serving of Wok-fried beef tenderloin with shimeji mushrooms and black pepper. The content of all my blog and social media posts are items and experiences that I truly enjoy and I only work with affiliates that fit my brand and style.
Please do not use any content or images without permission, or without noting its origins on your blog or website. Finding out the flights operated by this particular aircraft was not an easy task, but we eventually succeeded and today we can publish possibly the very first proper test on the internet of the new first class suite.
I was only transit in Jakarta with three hours between flights but to minimise any potential problems I had notified Air France about this so they would hopefully assist me in case of any delays. Unfortunately it was not possible to do a normal international transfer in Jakarta, instead we had to enter Indonesia for a normal check-in process in the departure hall.
In the departure hall there was a dedicated check-in area for Air France with a separate desk for La Premiere, obviously with no line. Also at the departure passport control we were able to use a separate line with no wait whatsoever, the personal assistent took care of all formalities and did all the explanation to the staff while I waited quietly.
The lounge staff were apparently expecting me, as we arrived we did not have to show a boarding pass at the reception and we simply continued towards the roped-off escalator leading to the first class lounge in the basement.
There were plenty of hot dishes on the menu but as I had a very extensive lunch on the incoming flight and expected a full dinner on the next flight a light snack felt more appropriate. Just as promised the personal assistent returned 30 minutes before departure at 7 pm to escort me to the gate. I was greeted at the door by the purser and escorted by another flight attendant to my seat 01L. After I had settled my jacket was taken and placed in the personal wardrobe behind the suite, a rather small one but still practical on night flights.
I was offered a welcome drink and ordered a glass of champagne, in fact there was already a champagne cooler waiting on the table between the two middle seats, so it was an easy choice. Air France uses regular glasses for wine and champagne which has been a topic for discussions.
A refill of the champagne was offered before it was time to close the doors and leave for Singapore and Paris.
The new suite has been designed by Priestmangoode in cooperation with Brandiage. It is 230 cm long and covers an area of roughly three square meters. Another major difference is the cabin interior which has a completely difference design och colour scheme. In front of the seat there is an ottoman which can be used as a visitor’s seat and below is a drawer for shoes and personal belongings. The seat control is located next to the cocktail table and is divided into two parts, one part with quick buttons, which can always be reached, and one part with more advanced buttons to control each part of the seat. The new entertainment system is from Panasonic and is the same version that I tested in the new business class, it is a major improvement compared to the old system, especially the menus which are far more modern and elegant than in the old system.

A positive change is that the screen available in the old La Premiere suite (which was very small and did not feel like first class) has been replaced by a much larger 24 inches HD-screen mounted on the wall in front of the seat. The menu and the drink list were handed out already before departure, the menu in white and the drink list in red. The wine list in La Premiere looks a bit different compared to most other first class products.
The wine list included one champagne (Bollinger La Grande Annee 2004), two red wines (Chateauneuf-du-pape 2010 and a Bordeaux wine, Margaux Chateau Cantenac-Brown 2008), one white wine (Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 2011 Joseph Drouhin) and a dessert wine (Rivesaltes Ambre 2001 Domaine Cazes).
Another surprise was that they had a wine cart onboard which the flight attendant placed next to my seat, with just enough space for the wine selection onboard and two bottles of water, still and sparkling. A couple of minutes later she was back with a white table cloth which was placed on the table, a rather sizable table, much larger than in the old La Premiere suite.
Salt and pepper, different types of mustard, and of course cutlery were also placed on the table before the first course arrived which was a ravioli dish with vegetables. This was a flight I had been looking forward to for a long time and this was something I also mentioned to the crew.
The meal service was impressive given the short flight time with the wine cart and all the bottles placed in front of my seat, a concept I have not seen on any other airlines, but surely very elegant.
The crew working onboard were delightful, fully dedicated to provide a good service and to make the most of the flight. As this was an evening flight there was never the need to sleep onboard and consequently I cannot give any comments about the sleep comfort, but when reclined the seat becomes fully flat and a mattress and a duvet are provided by the crew.
What makes the new La Premiere suite unique is that there are curtains available at each seat, a unique concept for Air France. We landed at Singapore Changi airport a few minutes ahead of timetable, the flight was over far too quickly. Inside the passenger bridge a new personal assistent was waiting for me and inside the terminal building a buggy was waiting.
She took care of all formalities at immigration and also helped me with my suitcase when it arrived as number three on the belt. Finally she escorted me through customs to the taxi rank where I caught a taxi to the hotel in downtown Singapore.
The new La Premiere suite is without any doubt the most elegant and effectful product I have ever tested. Welcome to BusinessClass, a site for conscious travellers - read our guides, reports and tests. Become a member and participate in our discussions, ask question and share your knowledge and experiences.
You will learn the preparation and strategy necessary to develop impactful presentation, tricks and tools of presenting and hands-on fun exercise where your short presentation will be videotaped and evaluated. Courses there boast mountain vistas with expansive views, rivers and lakes, hills and woodland.  Golf course designs are remarkable, due the efforts of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer and Robert Trent Jones Jnr, among others, but the standout surprise is their variety and exceptional presentation.
In true Asian style, visitors at most clubs can enjoy a post-golf massage at nearly all courses, with Soewarna Cengkareng including a complimentary 15-minute massage for all players.  Many also have Jacuzzis, saunas and other spa facilities for visitors to make use of after a round of golf. The consistency of golf courses throughout the region is one of the golf destination’s principle strengths.
Ibu means mother and, here in Jakarta, massive imeldific hairstyles are quite popular among them. We were already amazed at the presentation of Chef John’s lunch but we were all WOWED by this! Chef shared with us many techniques and secrets that is used in their restaurant to ensure good flavor, texture, freshness and quality.
If you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase.
We got the opportunity to see the new suite already in June during the Air France Expo in New York, which gave a very good impression already back then. On 29 September the new suite was introduced in the Air France fleet on one Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, the first route being Paris-Singapore-Jakarta. This turned out to be a smart thing to do as I was met already upon arrival by a personal assistent from the ground handling company who was there to help me during my transfer, a young man in uniform carrying a folder with all the information about my booking. But my personal assistent quickly arrange a visa and he also arranged so we could use the crew line at passport control.
I was quickly checked in by a young woman and while she took care of the check-in process the station manager came to greet me. I had seen many photos of the lounge but nevertheless it gave an excellent first impression.
It was a long walk from the lounge to the gate located in the D-pier at the opposite end of the transit hall. Having seen many photos of the cabin and also a mock-up model of the suite my expectations were extremely high, to the extent I was afraid I would get disappointed.
Both the flight attendant and the purser then passed my seat for a more formal welcome and some small talk. Some argue these lower glasses are better to use to enjoy the full taste of the wine while others argue they are inappropriate for a premium cabin where proper wine and champagne glasses obviously should be used.
Despite a flight time of no more than two hours both an amenity kit and a pyjamas were offered in La Premiere.
A difference between the new cabin and the old cabin is that the number of suites have been reduced from eight to four, there is now only one row in a 1-2-1 configuration. The old beige interior is gone and has been replaced by soft colors like light grey and ice blue with cabin details in the characteristic Air France red colour. There is also additional storage next to the seat below the panel where the headphones and remote control for the entertainment system are stored. Also the remote control is the same as in business class, designed like a smart phone with a touch-screen functionality. This was just another detail which made the cabin feel more like a livingroom than an aircraft cabin. The menu contained both the full dinner and the breakfast choices between Singapore and Paris as well as the shorter meal service between Jakarta and Singapore.
While most airlines have a rather wide selection of wines, often four reds and fours whites, Air France on the other hand has focused on quality rather than quantity with fewer options, and of course all wines are French. She introduced the wines and talked a bit about their characteristics before she asked me what I wanted to drink. There should be no problem for two people to dine together using the ottoman as a visitor’s seat.

On longer flights there are usually several options of both starters and main courses but on this short flight there was only one choice of main course.
I decided to finish the meal with another glass of champagne and was also allowed by the crew at my own discretion to keep the glass during landing to finish it before getting off.
Fortunately the crew had just the right mindset and delivered a La Premiere experience which simply could probably not have been any better considering the flight time. They gave me a full demonstration of the suite and the cabin and also showed me how the curtains work.
When it is time to go to bed the curtains are closed to separate the suite from the rest of the cabin to create full privacy. It was a fairly short ride to the passport control but still a very comfortable way of arriving. It would have been more impressive if the suitcase had arrived first on the belt (it had been tagged with a red La Premiere priority tag in Jakarta) but number three is still OK I guess. All-in-all I spent less than 20 minutes at the airport and this was without a doubt a very comfortable and completely hassle-free was of arriving. I just love the design with the soft colours and the cool lighting which created an atmosphere in the cabin only to be described as magical, especially as it was completely dark and rainy outside.
Join the friendly community and follow our adventure travellers, their tips and experiences.Sign up now! And the way you do it, good or bad can make a difference not only to your very own career and reputation, but also to people’s life and your organization’s performance. Equally important, Jakarta also offers a great off-course experience and has a wealth of attractions by day and by night. He not only uses his 2 hands but also uses his leg to control the levers of the massive stove! There is so much preparation that goes beyond the seemingly simple dishes and so many unique ingredients that for me it is a whole new level up.
He also informed me that because of the Skyteam rules I could use the Garuda first class lounge at the airport, which was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. The interior was in an immaculate condition, there was nothing whatsoever to comment about. During the whole visit I was the only visitor in the lounge and the service was of course top-notch, just like the food. But of course he had timed the walk perfectly, there was no wait whatsoever at either the security checkpoint or the gate, we could walk straight onboard. I was incredibly excited to finally be able to see the new cabin in real life.
As the cabin had been in service for less than a month it was a special flight also for the crew, it turned out to be the first flight in the new cabin also for them and they were very interested to hear what I thought of the product. The captain also passed my seat to greet me.
And the champagne was indeed exquisite, served on a silver tray with a package of salty crackers. The new pyjamas from Christian La Croix was provided in a lovely blue bag while the anenity kit was from Givenchy in a nice black box. At first I was afraid the new colours would make the cabin fell too bright and sterile, but they actually work very well. The picture quality was excellent, just like the sound quality through the noise-cancelling headphones provided. Also the purser passed several times to make sure I was happy and to get some feedback of the new product.
The main benefit of this concept is that one gets a very open cabin layout as default while it is easy to get full privacy. I usually enjoy seeing the other passengers on day flights while I prefer the privacy during night flights, so I found this concept a perfect solution.
She also handed me a welcome letter from Air France in Singapore describing the first class benefits at the airport, some things I did not know about. He also made a call to the baggage coordinator to make sure my checked baggage was properly transfered. The lounge was also completely empty when I arrived, perhaps not too surprising as most Garuda flights with a first class cabin depart late at night. There were at least two chefs working in the kitchen right behind the lounge and everything was cooked on order. Even though none of these would obviously be used during the short flight it was a pleasant surprise as I could bring these home for later use. When I met the director for La Premiere in June, Catherine Betsch, she told me most of the inspiration comes from hotel interiors and also that they wanted the colours and design to reflect French elegance. According to Air France there are 1000 hours of entertainment and the menu is available in 12 languages. The only thing they missed was to hand me a landing card for Singapore, which I had to remind them about just before landing. The flight itself was a bit too short for a proper first class experience but the crew made the most of the time and both the food and the drinks were of high quality.
My personal assistant asked me where I wanted to sit and then told me he would be back 30 minutes before departure to escort me to the gate. The champagne was served at my seat together with a bottle of water and 15 minutes later he informed me the food was ready in the restaurant. The only drawback was the language skills of the lounge staff, there were no problems discussing relevant topics such as food and drinks, but once the conversation progressed into other areas it quickly got difficult.
It was completely dark outside where the rain was pouring and inside the cabin the crew had turned on all the cabin lights, including the decoration lamps at each seat. This caused some minor stress as there was very limited time to complete the form before it was time to disembark.
This was not like boarding an aircraft, it was like entering a luxurious living room on a Friday evening. There was a drawer in the ottoman where both my shoes and the pyjamas could be placed, the drawer exists also in the old first class product but now has a new design with the characteristic red colour of Air France and they have also installed lighting in the drawer.
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