About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. TweetScoop.itPrezi has revolutionized the way people make presentations or at least the perception of how presentations can be made. In recent years there have been a number of HTML5 based presentation web apps and editors launched by various developers to act as PowerPoint alternatives, with support for frameworks like impress.js and a range of elaborate editing features.
The top bar provides options for adding text, images, videos, shapes and websites within your slides.
The good thing about Strut is that it can be used by not only power users but even novice users who might be looking to create impressive presentations. One benefit of Strut that you might not get in common presentation apps is to seamlessly embed websites and present them in a zooming UI or with your custom transitions.
As mentioned earlier, Strut supports custom CSS classes, with the utility to write new CSS rules.
You can start using Strut from the example website at Strut.io or download the package at Github to install it on your server and run it locally using Grunt. Our product team have been busy over the last few months, creating a new presentation editor which we are proud to announce is now live for everyone. Based on the feedback from our wonderful customers, you’ll now find creating a new presentation faster, simpler and more seamless than ever before. Our developers have been working hard to make creating a presentation in Prezentt from your Powerpoint, Prezi or Keynote files the easiest it can be.
Some of our customers were finding that it took them a few minutes to understand all of the features of Prezentt when creating and sharing their first presentation. A major optimisation overhaul means that your Prezentt presentation page is now 19x faster to load, which means it is quicker for you to create and get onto delivering your presentation – and faster for your audience to follow along as well.
We’ve received customer feedback that it is sometimes not easy to know that the upload of your presentation to Prezentt is actually happening. These new features reaffirm our commitment at Prezentt to make your presentations more interactive and pleasurable to deliver.
Now, audio plugin tinkerers Isotonik Studios have released a freebie just in time for Christmas that opens up the Novation Circuit hardware wide open.
When you’re happy with your new sounds you can save a bank of your own 64 patches to Disc and then load them to the Circuit for your next performance, or if want to retain some of the factory content there’s the ability to load a single patch to a Synth slot as well. MaxforLive AMXD – On a Mac the editor can be run within Ableton Live through a simple MaxforLive device that sits on a single MIDI track. Max Standalone Versions – We’ve created standalone versions for both Mac and Windows so you don’t even need Ableton Live to get editing your sounds! For straight up adding to your DJ setup, the Circuit takes in a MIDI clock sync signal so it’ll work like any other drum machine (like the Volca Beats, or the TR-8, for example), except you get two Nova synths to play with as well! One thing that seems to be missing here is the ability to edit drums and add sample patches. Parameters are aspects of Figures that allow the user to control the Figure in a variety of ways. This property hierarchy is defined within the Property Editor, and is subdivided down to individual bones and facial features. Where you categorize the control, whether morph or pose control, will not change how the control works, only where the user finds it. A Region is a special type of parameter group, and can be seen and edited using the polygon_group_editor.

You cannot create your own Regions for existing figures, so find the place that is most logical.
In the Parameters (WIP) Pane, find your new morph, click on the small gear, and choose Presentation Editor. This allows us to specify how parameter is presented to user, including Content Type, icon images, and the gradient used on the controls. Combinations of pre-existing morphs or other controls can be saved and the controls redistributed as shapes or poses.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.
No longer are slides limited to basic transition effects and static imagery, as the zooming interface of Prezi has paved the way for more innovative developments in the form of fancy HTML based online editors, particularly HTML5 presentation tools. The left sidebar is like a PowerPoint interface where you can add, remove and rearrange slides. However, the downside is that you only get limited options to save your content such as the option to export Strut presentations in JSON or to the local storage folder on your computer.
You can easily import content from online and offline sources, pick a custom background with solid colors or an image and if you are tech savvy enough, you can use custom CSS and Markdown to fashion your presentations. While you can technically add webpages to PowerPoint slides, you can end up with some hiccups.
From speed improvements, through to our new product tour, these changes have been warmly received by our regular users. As a result, we’ve created a quick pop up tour, which walks you through what each section of the presentation creation page does, and how to best utilise Prezentt for your next presentation. So we’ve simplified our presentation creation interface, making it more intuitive and reflective of the presentation page your audience will see, and creating better contextual help and better labeling.
So we’ve added a progress bar with time to complete, so that you can see the progress to your presentation being ready to show. The Circuit Editor is a quick download that hooks in to Max4Live, to let users edit many of the parameters that change the behaviour of the groove box. Along with the editor comes a beta firmware that fixes a bunch of things and adds a few new features based on community feedback.
You can adjust every parameter in realtime and play the results on the Circuit, tweaking everything imaginable from the Oscillators and LFO’s to the Chorus and Distortion settings.
You don’t need a full license as the editor will continue to work when your trial has expired.
If you’re delving into the early stages of production, the Circuit seems like a great place to start your Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
Right now the Max4Live patch from Isotonik is for editing the two Nova synths only, but as you can see below, there are a LOT of parameters you can play with. With it having updatable firmware and USB access, there’s a chance new samples could be loaded into the drum machine.
All parameters show on the Parameters Tab, but to make DAZ Studio 4 more user-friendly, two additional tabs are provided which display subsets of the parameters: Posing and Shaping.
Regions are selected by the user using the drop-down menu in the upper left of the Shaping Pane, or by using the region_navigator. Regions can not be altered for existing published figures without issuing an update, but can be customized for original figures. These include morphs to adjust the positions of the eyes and lids, and morphs such as “Nose Wrinkle.” These are controls meant to be usable with any character. The illustration should be positioned on the left 70% of the image, and should contain only enough detail to indicate what the control does.

The bottom should be clipped just inside of the border for the bottom boundary, and the right should stop or fade into the background as it get to the vertical slider boundry. If a Card Image is included, it will be resized and used automatically if there is no Small Image. You may use other settings to visually distinguish your products, though consistency is highly recommended.
While you can also host your presentations using Strut.io, there is no option to create an account.
Moreover, the scalability you get with Strut for your HTML5 slides is quite impressive and enables adding more content cohesively without worrying about real-estate. You can now hook in an external MIDI device to record notes within the Circuit, and there are some changes to how recording works.
As part of the Circuits’ attraction is the 8 macro dials (which can be mapped to up to four parameters each) we’ve given you the ability to re-define what they’ll modulate when you perform Live!
This means that you don’t even need to have a DAW to get new sounds out of and into your Circuit!! I personally bought a Korg Volca Beats off the back of our demo stage review at BPM2015, and it’s left me wanting more stuff. These tabs also provide visual previews of the effect the control will have, if configured to do so.
The Transfer Utility will carry over regions from Genesis figure to conforming items, if used, but you can create additional regions or reorganize regions in conforming or original figures. Since the image path is defined in the Presentation Editor, the naming convention of this file is not critical, but it is recommended that the name match the name of the parameter it will be displayed on. Other combinations could be saved as a character preset in content library, or left to display only in the Parameters tab. With Revel.js you can work with nested slides, speaker notes, markdown content and also benefit from the available JavaScript API. For example, when you add text, a mini toolbar appears, giving you options to stylize your text. This unfortunately does limit the utility of Strut for ‘novice’ users who might not be all that tech savvy. Hopefully Novation continue to listen and throw that into the mix to make this a very powerful and flexible tool, like a Volca Sample, Bass and Keys all built into one!
The Posing tab is typically used to display any parameter that moves parts of body via bones and weight maps.
The Shaping tab contains controls for customizing shape of figure, typically by applying a morph target. By convention, Expression morphs are displayed on the Posing tab, even though they use morph targets, simply because customers associate expressions more with poses used to show a character in a particular position than with morphs which define a specific character.
The presentations created with the service provide a unique scrolling effect where the end user can view presentation slides both horizontally and vertically.
This is somewhat similar to the Prezi and impress.js like zooming UI, with its own unique look. The presentation will reveal horizontal or vertical slides with transition effects, depending upon the keys used.

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