Executive Coaching and Business Coaching, Mumbai, London, Singapore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore India“Vikram, do colours make a big difference when you are presenting? Colours might not affect a man as much as a woman but even men need to be aware of the fact that the choice of colours is important. For TV or video, white could appear too bright and there are certain patterns too that could be distracting – huge geometric patterns or bold designs could draw away from the main topic.
I am extremely inspired with your writing skills and also with the format on your weblog in the area of leadership development and executive presence.
Secrets of executive presence that will make you a STAR leader in the shortest period of time. Secrets you can use Monday morning and Friday evening! Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Executive Coaching and Business Coaching, Mumbai, London, Singapore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore IndiaWhen you are presenting at work, what you say, how you say it and what you are wearing when you say it are all important. When you choose, try the clothes on and be sure they fit and are not too loose or too tight. Make sure there is nothing distracting for the audience – jewellery, hairy, etc that could get their attention away from what you are saying. Check out the business presentation room before the big day and try and see yourself as the audience will. Check out if you will be standing or sitting and choose something that will be comfortable anyway.
Once you keep these things in mind, you will realize that your choices when it comes to a business presenter’s wardrobe get smarter till soon, you’ll be picking out what to wear automatically and smartly!
Yes, our attire and how confident we are in it is indeed the heart of executive presentation. I liked the manner you simply explained how to dress and still achieve a great executive presence. Smiling young woman in woolen clothes making presentation to copy space isolated on white background. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tags: japan young business men wearing watches, ontario business clothing manufacturer, mens german business dress, sweaty business suits male worship, Mission statements for a clothing business, men's business casual, consignment men's business suits, business casual mens pants help, german business attire, cost to implement business casual, business men crossdressing.

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Or is it just the content and the way it is presented that matters?” This is what one New Delhi based CEO asked me a week before he was asked to deliver a key note at a leadership summit that was going to be telecasted on various Indian business channels.
If you did not do your homework and didn’t factor in the possibility of the presentation being taped, you could face a huge problem.
Is your skin very fair, dark, olive, yellow, brown or dark?  When in doubt, a blue blouse or shirt will flatter any skin tone and will not clash with any colour of hair. A hound’s-tooth pattern on a suit for example, could give the viewers the feeling of movement and they will look at that rather than at the presenter.
This helps determine what colour will look good with what and it also helps you decide what would look good against a backdrop colour.
Man with a formal suit showing a diagram and explaining, colleagues or clients listening and taking notes.
The trouble with many business presenters is that they just do not give the clothes they wear the importance they deserve. You could have put on some weight or lost some and you don’t want to go up to the podium and feel uncomfortable. For women, bracelets and jewellery could make a jingly sound when you move around and this could prove to be distracting.
Try and see what you will look like standing, sitting or maybe presenting to an audience that is sitting around in a circle.
It might sound frivolous to add colours to what you need to focus on when it comes to a presentation but truth be told, they do play an important role. Say as a women leader you wore a shade of red, which is a colour that bleeds on the TV screen. That particular shade is called French blue and it really does make all skin tones look good. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration before you decide what clothes to wear and here is a checklist that I find useful for both men and women. Or will you have to walk around, in which case, check your grooming and clothes from head to foot to make sure it is all impeccable. Picture yourself in the chair you will be on and wear something that you won’t have to feel embarrassed about.

If there is going to be a backdrop behind you, find out what colour it will be and don’t wear something that will clash with it. Choose from over 1,050 brands, 1,000,000 products, the most styles per brand, the most up to date fashions, and the broadest range of materials, colors, sizes, and widths. You might look very presentable in real life but could appear like a red blob on the TV screen.
If it contrasts too sharply, it will distract your audience but if it is a perfect combination, a think of how many brownie points you score subconsciously in the audience’s minds.
Not just the colour of the shoes, ensure that they are in good condition too – they should be well maintained and not scuffed or scratched. Will the colour you choose help you and be advantageous to you or will you stand out too much? Also check out what kind of mike will be provided and if it needs to be pinned on, choose an outfit that will make it easy. You might not want to restrict yourself to the podium – in case you want to walk around in the audience, check what you look like from the side and the back in the clothes you choose.
If the presentation is going to be videotaped, avoid certain colours, especially red or white as they tend to bleed or seem too bright when they are broadcast. Making sure you know what colour the background will be is a great place to start before you choose what colour you are going to wear. It would be better to err on the side of caution here and not choose something that could look garish. This means that no one looks at the face of the presenter because they are distracted and disgusted by the overall look. White shirts could be detrimental as it draws too much focus on it and this could be distracting. Breaking in new shoes at a business presentation could be painful if the shoes don’t fit well and you have blistered feet.

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