Power point presentations are a way to present any concept using Microsoft Office tool called Power Point.
Computer science research student: “Suppose you could reduce your equipment down time by 10%, what would be the impact on your profit and productivity? This approach can be particularly powerful if you have one figure displayed as the audience is settling rather than an opening title and name slide. In a document published in 2011 it was estimated that there were 3.6 million UK children living in poverty. Two possible methods of audience involvement are to include getting a show of hands or asking a question.

Insert a slide with the the statistic you want to relate to and ask the audience “hands up all those of you got a great night sleep last night”? As we have explained, some openings are better than others depending in your particular style, topic and audience.
The school authorities generally provide a new, upcoming and interesting topic for the students to prepare during their holiday homework assignments and asks them to present in the class. This is where you either catch the attention of your audience for the rest of your speech or lose them for good. It may include various pictures, audio clippings, video clippings and textual information related to that topic.

You then give the audience a scenario which they can relate to and which is the main focus of your presentation. Using 3.6 million as your statistic is too large for most people to reference and put in context, but 27% or 1 in 4 is manageable. These types of presentations help a student to work out on his thinking in multidimensional way.

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