Oh that dreadful time has come, end of semester projects are due and presentations are around the corner!   Time to stand in front of what feels like a million people staring at you and try to sell your ideas!
The more comfortable you are with your content the more comfortable you will be talking about it. Anything can happen such as not being able to pull up your slides or visuals, someone may get sick in your group or you may forget what you wanted to say. Hopefully, these tips will help you ACE that presentation you have coming up and enhance your presentation skills! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. About UsTed Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University is Canada’s pre-eminent entrepreneurial-focused business management school that is shaping the next generation of global innovators and leaders with a combination of experiential and theoretical learning. The best way to improve how you deliver a speech or presentation is to practice it out loud. The most effective way to rehearse a speech or presentation is to talk it through not in your mind, but out loud.
Practicing your speech out loud—actually saying the words, not just having an internal conversation—forces you to explicitly explain and develop your reasoning, your logic, your message.
Stand up and speak your presentation in a setting that is similar to the one where you’ll be presenting. If you can rehearse your talk using all three steps, you’ll be a much more confident and professional presenter. I have seen a lot of people present for an hour with only 10 to 20 slides, each one containing 100 to 200 words. When watching a movie, you can get a pretty good idea of where you are in the story by looking at your watch and seeing how much time has elapsed.
At the very beginning of a presentation, I like to lay out a general plan of what we are going to discuss. In the example above, if I’m going to discuss 6 foundational principles, I will probably put a slide at the beginning listing all the the principles I want to cover, and then again at the end. The best way to get better at presenting is through practice, even if that means presenting to your dog or a video camera just to have an opportunity to run through the content before doing it for real. The greatest liability in a corporate environment is when they want the slides to be the take away document. It is a well-known fact that a beautifully presented plate of food looks more appetizing and appealing. Have you ever been presented with a plate of food at a restaurant which made you go "wow" even without your tasting the dish. If you are planning a cocktail party, then choosing the right mix of drinks and food is very important for the party to be successful. If you are serving a fruit salad you can use a pineapple to serve the salad instead of a regular glass or ceramic bowl. Another great food presentation idea is to garnish main courses with green onion curls and tomato rose.
Garnish appetizers with sliced cucumbers, Kalamata olives or capers to add texture and flavor. You can also use crystalline edible flowers to decorate cakes and pastries and it is among the best food garnishing ideas. Striking a harmony between color, texture, shapes and arrangements form the basis of a stylish food presentation.
For some, presentations are easy and almost enjoyable and for others it’s one of their biggest fears! If you make it a point to know your content you will be 100% more confident and you won’t be trying to memorize or stick to a script… it will come out a lot more natural!

The more you practice will also come through when it comes to the real thing…you will do much better! Remember to be confident, it’s okay to make mistakes, and that everyone in that room is in the same position as you!
Share your best and worst presentation experiences or any tips you may have in the comments section below or via Facebook! If you can only practice the first two steps, you’ll still be better prepared than most presenters.
After the presentation, I was waiting for my plane at the airport when I ran into the president of the company and his teenage daughter. Sometimes I use them in addition to a word on the slide and sometimes I simply use an image.
For about $50, you get 150,000 photos of all kinds of things on a transparent background along with some decent tools to search for images. That way when I do the introduction and then move on to the next section, we have already established a pattern and expectations. That gives people an easy way to see exactly what is coming and helps bring closure to that topic by reviewing it before moving on to the next topic. What works well for you is largely dependent on your personality.  Take the ideas here as suggestions, but make sure you take into account what works best for you, personally. Minimal words is a key for me – whenever I give presentations I aim to make it minimal as possible, just key words for people to remember. This is because the plating and presentation of the dish was harmonious and well balanced which instantly made the dish more appealing and exciting.
For garnishing your drinks, you can use a strand of orange peel or lemon peel on the rim of the glass. To make crystalline flowers, take any flowers of your choice and brush them with a water and egg emulsion. Personally, I use to hate presentations, but after participating in numerous business competitions I started to love them as I realized how important presentation skills are when having a career in business. Also, during practice watch out for any bad habits such as playing with your hair, fidgeting, or swaying! Most importantly, be yourself when you are presenting… use what you have to your advantage whether that is being funny or getting down to business. When she is not balancing motherhood, work and being a student, you can see her sipping a chai tea latte, blogging or watching marathons of Suits and Pretty Little Liars in her fuzzy slippers. But the more thoroughly you know it, the less you’ll have to refer to your notes or look at your slides, and the more you’ll be able to engage your audience. He works as a speech and presentations consultant, an executive speech coach, and an orals coach. This is very different than most presentations where the presenter seems to think they get paid more by fitting more words on a slide. For example, in a recent talk, I wanted to give an example from the management practices of a casino. This gives me what I need about 85% of the time, and it lets me easily drag and drop images into Keynote (what I use instead of Powerpoint). Appetizers which are small enough to be eaten in a single bite can be served in beautiful decorative spoons. Add a slice of fruit like a starfruit or kiwi in cocktail glasses to add more color and interest. You can use jus gras or barbecue sauce for garnishing steak and chocolate sauce or creme anglaise for pastries and cakes. Dip the flowers immediately in a bowl of granulated sugar, making sure that it is evenly coated.

However, don’t overload the audience by including too much content but rather just enough for them to understand what you are trying to say!
The only thing you will accomplish by doing this is having your audience reading and not paying attention to YOU! All-star presenters all have their unique way of presenting… you just got to find out what works for you! If you can’t remember the main points of your presentation in order without checking your notes, how do you expect your audience to remember?
My slide deck for a 60-minute presentation might be 50 to 70 slides long and only contain a total of 100 words. Professional chefs and fine dining restaurants will have you believe that creating such beautiful plates of food requires years of skill.
Cut the pineapple into two equal parts and cut a thin strip of the pineapple to make the base. With the help of a kitchen scissors, cut each of the spring onion segments into 7 to 8 narrow strips reserving the end of the section. Also, keep in mind the space you will be presenting in so you can think about position, your visuals, and volume. Take this as a practice run for all the times you will have to present once you get your job! And you’ve created audio-visuals to help illustrate, explain, and substantiate your main points. So when you practice it in your mind, it makes sense to you because your mind fills in gaps. Knowing where you are in a film isn’t particularly helpful for surprise endings or twists and turns, but in a presentation, it is very important. Remove the core of the pineapple by using a serrated knife and scoop out the flesh from each half. If the president actually thought a high school student would have enjoyed it, I must be doing something right. Creative food presentation ideas are those in which there is a balance of color, texture and shapes. If you have the opportunity try to practice in the room or a similar one that you will be presenting in. If they know a general idea of what you are doing and where you are currently at, it is a lot easier for them to remember the information you are providing. For making the tomato rose, peel tomato with a sharp knife ensuring that the peel is about 1 inch wide and continuous. To make your dish aesthetically appealing there should be a combination of two or three colors on the plate.
Place the peel on a flat surface like a wooden chopping board, and gently roll up the peel to resemble a rose. Pan roasted Sea Bass with roasted heirloom tomatoes and arugula salad looks much more appetizing than poached chicken with mashed potatoes. Garnishes in the form of chopped parsley, coriander and chives can also be used to introduce color to the dish.

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