La realizacion de una sales presentation a traves de la Web es posible mediante un online meeting software especializado en el remote desktop sharing con herramientas para impartir una presentacion web perfecta. Como mencionamos con anterioridad, una presentacion de ventas virtual elimina la necesidad de infraestructura para albergar a los participantes. Social recommendation is an unavoidable phenomenon of the 21st century that companies must consider. From a marketing perspective, we see that the role of the button ‘I like’ is essential in the process of social recommendation because it attributes positive feedback on editorial content, product or brand. The role of the sales manager is to develop partnerships and sponsors as to maximize the procurement decision of the products and services offered on the Website. It is also necessary to set up email campaigns that establishes a link between the presence of sharing buttons on shopping mails and increases conversion rates. Finally, the marketing manager must answer to  major challenges confronting the company in terms of reputation, mastery of branding, customer relations and marketing techniques. This entry was written by outoftherules360, posted on 11 septembre 2014 at 16 h 04 min, filed under Home, Presentation, Social Recommendation and tagged marketing, out of the rules, sales manager. Older: Web DesignerThe design of an article, a website or a logo is very important to inspire visitors and readers to look at the work of an agency. Newer: Content CreatorThe role of a content creator is to gain popularity through incisive articles.
A prospective sales manager may be asked about his or her presentation skills during an interview. Some of the most typical sales manager interview questions will focus on a job candidate's experience in management and selling in general. In the retail industry, one typical sales manager interview question may be "What other retail sales management positions have you held?" Again, this will give the interviewer insight into whether his potential new manager has adequate sales management experience. If the interview involves a position in retail sales, most likely one of the crucial sales manager interview questions will relate to the subject of customer service. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
An information technology (IT) sales manager supervises the sales operations of an IT company, including hiring sales staff, developing sales strategies, and working directly with customers who have questions and concerns.
Job responsibilities for an IT sales manager can vary, depending on the size of the company and the types of products it sells.

This work can include developing sales materials and strategies so salespeople know how to accomplish sales goals in a variety of environments. Some people working in IT sales have degrees in sales, marketing, or information technology. Una buena presentacion no solo puede garantizarle ventas, tambien le provee de un estatus, establece nexos de relacion cliente-empresa y evita una imagen brumosa del producto. Esta modalidad permite al presentador organizar una reunion con un elevado numero de participantes utilizando el remote computer access, sin requerir de un espacio fisico o infraestructura, el lugar de reunion seria la “red” a traves de la convergencia a un espacio determinado por el programa para free web conferencing. Del mismo modo, elimina la necesidad de transporte ya sea dentro de una misma ciudad, o pais. He may be asked "What type of sales is your area of expertise?" If the individual is interviewing for a retail position, many of the questions may involve his customer service background as well. In a job interview, one common inquiry will be "How much experience do you have in selling?" This is to gain better knowledge of the individual's selling experience.
If the candidate has held other management jobs, not relating to sales, the sales manager interview questions may take a slightly different turn.
This might be to ascertain how the duties of a candidate's current job are similar to the job for which he is applying. In regard to selling, other questions may inquire about experience in inside and outside sales, and which is preferred. This type of work requires good people skills, as IT sales managers need to be comfortable supervising employees, as well as interacting with members of the public. When customers have problems, they may escalate complaints to the sales manager, and this staff member often deals with angry or upset customers, working to resolve the issues that lead to complaints and keeping customers as happy as possible. Others apply experience in the industry to the job and may work their way up in the ranks of a given company to reach a sales position.
En el mundo actual primordialmente tecnologico, la tendencia a la integracion de nuevas tecnologias para conferencia online es vital para desarrollo empresarial. En la sales presentation el orador podra presentar el o los productos mediante video en vivo, capsulas de video pregrabado, imagenes, bocetos, fotos y todo tipo de medios graficos. Todo ello conlleva a una reduccion significativa en costos a la que se une la reduccion de tiempos de espera. He might be asked how his former managing positions may relate to the position he is applying for, and how he can apply his expertise to his new job.

The hiring personnel may feel that the more familiar the candidate is with certain procedures and practices in sales management, the better suited he may be for the job. A candidate may be asked whether he's ever done any type of call center sales or cold canvassing work.
Companies also expect their sales staff to be knowledgeable about the products they sell, requiring a thorough understanding of information technology and the products offered by the parent company, as well as competitors.
The sales manager makes hiring and firing decisions, trains personnel in sales techniques, and assigns sales tasks including sales routes. While sales and support departments are often separate, the IT sales manager needs to know the support department well, to work most effectively with customers who need assistance with installation, problems, and other issues. The IT sales manager can also oversee company outreach through social networking, advertisements, and other methods, to make sure the company projects a positive image of itself. The ability to work with people in diverse settings is very important, as IT companies may sell products everywhere from academic libraries to major companies, and need flexible staff who are familiar with the wide range of applications for their products and services.
El mundo comercial es hoy en dia el mas competitivo, usted necesita mantenerse a la vanguardia para sobresalir. Este proceso funciona tan facilmente gracias al desarrollo de las tecnologias para el escritorio remote por Internet, las cuales desarrollan un entorno de escritorio virtual que permite establecer un acceso remoto a PC para realizar varias tareas que anteriormente eran imposibles. The IT sales manager works to match salespeople with the best tasks, to increase overall sales for the company by connecting prospective customers with salespeople they will like. Y esa vanguardia son los medios tecnologicos de comunicacion para la web conferencia y las tecnologias para compartir escritorio y asi mostrar imagenes. Muchas companias y organizaciones utilizan este sistema, pero en ocasiones con otros fines u objetivos.
A traves de las facilidades de comodidad y flexibilidad en horarios y ubicacion que brinda esta modalidad de presentacion de ventas. Por ultimo, este tipo de presentaciones le permite tener a la mano toda la informacion albergada en su ordenador, permitiendole utilizarla de forma agil y segura.

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