1) Friendly Review: this type of sales review can be as simple as an honest conversation with another sales professional about our selling experiences over the past year. 3) Peer Review: letting another sales representative take a hard look and actually judge one’s sales performance is bold and effective. If you have sales questions or sales strategies you'd like to discuss, please fill in the form below. For those of you who are already following me, then you will know that I have been managing sales for a startup with my senior business partners for the last two years. In order to expand quickly, develop further services and applications for our business we needed to raise venture capital or angel investment. The decks come in Windows PowerPoint format and Apple Mac Keynote format so getting started is quick and easy. Speaking from personal experience, creating your sales pitch deck is a time consuming but critical process that is fundamental to you successfully getting sales or even invested. Using a pre-constructed template like pitch deck will save you a heap of time, but you will still need to do the hard work and input your content and data into the pitch deck templates.
You will also use your pitch deck as a sales and marketing tool to sell your products or services to your clients.
At end of the day if potential investors can’t understand your business or your operation they won’t invest in you. The difference between success and failure on an investment pitch deck can be determined in under 30 seconds if your presentation isn’t clear, easy to understand and to the point. We want to review to ensure the sales techniques and presentations we’ve been using are still effective. Good sales techniques call for tracking performance throughout the year, which provides the information for continued success, and the trends for a very effective review. Following are five methods that will provide insight into one’s selling techniques, successes and failures.
With the right person, these talks produce new ideas and sales techniques that can be instantly put into practice.

I put a stick figure all the way on the left side and a dollar symbol all the way over on the right. If necessary, pick up a sales book, read some blog posts or receive SalesGrail RSS posts – sales tips and techniques will come directly to your email. While a polished Continue Reading5 Sales Performance Reviews That Actually HelpAs we approach year end, it’s a great time to reflect on sales performance – good and bad. To do this we worked on a number of presentation formats and teaser pages to deliver to our potential investors and business supporters. You can download the Free pack which includes around 12 free slides, or the paid for option, which I went for, that contains 65 slides in total, colour schemes, stock images and all the core key pages you will need to create a rock solid and kickass investor or sales presentation. You will need a presentation or pitch deck that conveys all your key business information in a clean, contemporary and efficient way.
Investors no matter the size, from PE, VC or Angels, are all people who will be making a choice about you and your business.
The Management Team and people behind your business or product, this might only be you if you have created your own unique product or programmed your own unique app, or it could be you and your partners if it’s a bigger business, typically a CEO, CTO and COO.
The problem what’s the gap or space that your business, service or product fills, show your investors that you have found a hole in the market that you can exploit. The solution What are the benefit’s of your product, service or business that you provide to your customers, users or clients. Sales & Forecasts This is where you will list your current sales figures if any, or your projections once your product or service sis launched, normally you would be looking at least 5 years projections. Valuation figures This is your valuation – how much your business is worth, including your share offering (Term Sheet). Exit Strategy once your investors have put in the money what’s the long term plan for them and you to exit the business, M&A, Trade Sale, IPO, Management Buyout etc.
This is by no means exhaustive, and the sales review process can actually combine all five of these and many more, including significant details.
Find someone you work closely with, or that you have daily interactions with. The conversation may be a chat over a beer, or a couple hours in a conference room taking notes.

We can then review with another sales professional what we can do different, and what we can expand upon. Example questions may be along the lines of: What were the buying trends, and how can you capitalize on them? We want to review to ensure the sales techniques and Continue ReadingSales Tips – Make A Powerful Impact!We talk about sales tips all day long, but when have you made a real impact on your client's life! My CEO and Chairman put in months of work on the presentation, which has been revised numerous times before coming up with a great format. The object here is to help us find proactive methods that “we” (not bosses or management) can actually use, right now. The great thing about journaling is that, if done honestly, you can catch bad sales practices right away and correct them on the fly – it’s essentially daily sales training that can eliminate the need for exhaustive reviews.
The goals and expectations should be clear at the outset, and the appropriate “reviewer” is critical. Avoid war stories and negativity. These reviews can help identify issues that may be effecting your overall selling success.
It’s a quick and dirty way to visualize obstacles (internal and external), trends and opportunities, as well as the path to success. We want to stretch outside our comfort zone, try new sales techniques, and learn from other sales experts. A simple review is a fantastic sales training exercise that will teach us a ton, sharpen our sales skills, and keep us motivated. There’s no end to things we can do to prepare for a successful new year, but will we do them?
Will we, like so many sales guys, just continue on the same path and expect different results?

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