This module covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises which prepare the participants for their ultimate presentation. Couple that with the fact that many people are slightly put off by the prospect of public speaking and it’s no wonder we place such a high emphasis on presentation skills. Lets face it, a lot of us can give a decent presentation – but you can always make it better and sharpen your skills.
But, to get warmed up, let’s look at some of the amazingly simple things you can do to improve your presentation skills here.
Presenting is a skill, obviously, so the more you can practice – the more you can improve. We’re going to explore the things you can do to in your presentation that will make it more effective.
There are several things you can do with your hands to improve presentations that are very simple. Neutrality – If you’re worried about your hands during a presentation, remember that neutrality is the key.
Remember Your Body Language – The classic example of bad body language in a presentation is the ‘arms crossed’ pose. Generally speaking, you should just try and maintain an awareness of yourself – imagine how you come across to others. Try and look at your body language from an external point of view, put yourself in other people’s shoes and imagine how you come across.
Hand positioning, movement and gestures are complicated – but the key is remaining relaxed and open with them. Things to avoid would be fiddling with any props you might have (like notes or cards) and other fidgeting.
One thing that is very good for more effective presentations is not saying ‘Um’ or ‘Er’ when you’re presenting. Always remember you’re trying to compel and persuade the audience, and you will need to convince them. Presenting to an audience is a high-pressure situation, which will naturally lead to nerves in some cases. Warm Up – Presenting is a physical act, as a result some light exercise can get you warmed up and ready to go. Hydrate – When nerves hit your mouth can get dry, you can start feeling croaky and shaky.
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The main purpose as a presenter is to deliver a message which creates an impact on the audience. Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) is surprisingly common – with Nick Morgan reporting for Forbes in 2011 that it affects 80% of people and makes them “get butterflies, get anxious” and not “sleep much the night before”. So even if you’re not too fazed by standing up and delivering a pitch to a client, a debrief to your department or even a keynote speech – you can always improve.
It’s one of the many digital training courses that Business Training MadeSimple offer and it covers many aspects of enhancing your presentation skills in great detail, focussing on the nature of your audience, your body language and much more.
It can be difficult to figure out at first, but keep these points in mind and you might find the matter a little bit more easy to manage. This makes you seem unapproachable and standoffish – which is something that will negatively affect your presentation. If you have your hands on your hips whilst delivering a presentation you might give people the impression you’re talking down to them, like a schoolteacher. But you should also be expressive, if you want to make a gesture then do it – so long as it’s natural. It’s easy to subconsciously fiddle with something, so keep it in the front of your mind and try to catch yourself doing it. You need to modulate your tone, from higher levels to lower levels, during your presentation.
This doesn’t mean personally, it’s in terms what they want and what they are looking to take from your presentation. There are a lot of things that can make your presentation great, but good preparation is always required. Even if you’ve done all your preparation and practiced all of your gestures and tones, when the moment comes to do the presentation there can be a few jitters.
Take a few deep breaths in through your nose, fill up your lungs slowly and exhale through your mouth.
Find a quiet area and do some light stretching, this will loosen you up and get your oxygen levels elevated pre-presentation.
There are a range of different ways that this can help you, from things like software use to meeting new people and colleagues.
For a more detailed experience with experts and fellow professionals the Presentation Skills Workshop from Business Training MadeSimple is ideal – so sign up today!
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Even people who don’t find the prospect of public speaking completely horrifying will often find the practice “unpleasant but not debilitating”, as Nick Morgan pointed out. Not only that, good use of your hands can enhance the effectiveness of your presentation overall.
Hands cupped together in front of you is a solid way to show that you’re agreeable as a presenter – which is something the audience will recognise. You could do the presentation for a friend or colleague first to get their feedback, or perhaps even film yourself doing it so you can see. You might think that you can’t really change your voice, but there are actually quite a few techniques you can use to make your voice more effective during your presentation. This is great for emphasis and helps make the vocal content of what you’re presenting more engaging – it makes your point sink in more. It’s also important to not mumble, you can help this by making sure your head is up and you’re projecting your voice outwards – try not to look down as this can affect the auditory impact of your speaking. Just don’t do it, try and catch yourself and remember that it is perfectly okay to have a pause or moment of silence in a presentation.
You need to be completely ready to deliver your presentation, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Break them down and define them before you start preparation, this will help you create a more audience specific presentation overall. Remember that if you use software you must know how to use it expertly, avoid fancy animations and transitions – the simpler the better. Just make sure you take the time to do it – and be prepared further in advance if possible, this will give you the ability to adapt your presentation if anything comes up.
Even if you’re mostly pointing at parts of your presentation, like with slides, hand movement can still make an impact.
If you can do it in front of a practice audience, even if it’s just a few people, you can get a feel for what it will be like – and they can give you feedback to help hone your presentation further. This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery.

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