Benefits of Collaboration Shared responsibility for educating all students Idea structure for transfer of teacher expertise Two heads are needed…these are complex needs! The 6 Models One Teaching, One Observing One Teaching, One Drifting Parallel Teaching Station Teaching Alternative Teaching—Small Group Team Teaching The models should be intentionally used, variably used, and focused on helping ALL students meet standards.
Focused Instruction FI FeaturesRelationship to Co-Teaching Planning lessons using high-quality curriculum derived from state standards Both teachers must know the standards for the core and for ESL. E DUCATIONAL S YSTEMS R EVIEW (ESR) Protocols and Procedures Action Planning Follow-Up and Evaluation.
Agenda Welcome CAN – Canucks Autism Network SET BC Collaborative Teaching Models Apps and Blog Close. B ALTIMORE C ITY P UBLIC S CHOOLS 1 Supporting Quality Teaching: Overview of the Instructional Framework and Rubric Fall 2011.
Developing an Individual Professional Growth Plan Agenda Purpose of a IPGP Effective IPGP Planning Creating a Vision Connecting to Standards Identifying. Collaboration Component 7 of the Competencies Collaboration SEVA Council of Gifted Administrators.

1 From Formative to Instructional Practice Kelly Oglesby, Chief Information Office Data Tools Team Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Data Analyst.
CO-TEACHING GETTING STARTED Utah CEC Conference Melissa Bowe UPDN Program Specialist Malynda Tolbert M.Ed. Student Assistance Teams and Response to Intervention 2009-2010 Farmington Municipal Schools Early Intervening Services November 2009.
Here you can download selected illustrations, worksheets, and inquiry activities contained in the text. Shared understanding and use of standards, curriculum, & assessment data Shared ownership for teaching and interventions TTYP: Thoughts?
Engaging students in rigorous learning using a variety of strategies All ELs have access to content and to English language development through teacher use of flexible strategies matched to student need.
Pre-Review Information School Self Evaluation Form SSEF School Self Evaluation Form SSEF CEP CEP Demographic Data Demographic. LEARNING TARGET I will be be able to identify to others the value of the classroom teacher, the Domains of the Danielson framework.

The downloads below offer a sneak peak into the wealth of hands-on, minds-on activities throughout the book and make distributing handouts easy.
Clearly display an agenda for the class, which includes the standard(s) to be covered and any additional goals. Conducting frequent assessments In order to figure out HOW to serve learners, teachers must first determine a student’s language, content, and skills levels. Using dataTeachers must consult data in order to ensure that the differentiated strategies are helping increase student achievement.
Classroom Instruction Be flexible and able to use alternate instructional activities to meet students’ needs (A.ii). Use assessments to inform adjustment of instruction and as the base for applying varied learning strategies (C.i).

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