Whether you're looking for presentation masterclass training, communication skills courses, how to create personal impact, effective communication techniques, voice coaching, script writing, conference speaking, ways to boost confidence or sales - we coach and run courses in all of them.
In this series of tutorials we're going to learn how to create stunning renders for game art using Marmoset Toolbag. Based on our years of experience in broadcasting, we help you learn tips and techniques to hone your skills.

Our delegates tell us that they’ve used the terrific skills learnt on our course in various walks of life. Each course required a different end product however, it was necessary to make use drafting and graphic design software applications to interpret my design concepts and documentation with professional visual presentation in mind.
After that we'll jump into production by learning how to import our 3d files into Marmoset Toolbag.

After that, we'll push our scenes even further by setting up lights in our scene using the Sky Tool and dynamic lights.

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