I was recently experimenting with some different ways of building PowerPoint slides, and I discovered that using tables as a grid to place content into actually works pretty well. I know there are a lot of students out there who use PowerPoint for school, and a while back I was working on creating a series of templates for educational use. I’ve been trying to find uses for the 3d BMW logos that I modeled and rendered a few years ago, and I finally decided to see if I could incorporate them into some PowerPoint slides for a BMW theme. I’ve mentioned before that presentation templates are (and always have been) one of the types of graphics that I create the most. Alright, I apologize in advance for posting so many variations of the hand and mobile phone illustration I uploaded a long time ago! Not everything that ends up in my trash bin is a failure, because I happen to like this gold and silver PowerPoint cover slide template quite a bit. I was seriously debating whether or not I wanted to upload this PowerPoint diagram template to TrashedGraphics or not. Although I created this template as part of the UX PowerPoint project I was working on a while back (other templates are here and here), this one is generic enough that it could be used for practically anything. Continuing with the PowerPoint templates, here is another one that I made a long time ago that never made the cut.

My name is Scott, and I'm the guy who created every graphic, photo, and illustration on this blog. METRO Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Presentation Template has 65+ unique and creative slides. A modern and sick presentation special for a Agency or any type of business.Easy to change colors, text, photos.
Surface is the ultimate multipurpose powerpoint template that can fit to any topic you are presenting. Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Presentation Template Clean, Creative and Corporate Presentation Templates Fully editable.
I recently created a TON of concepts for a UX-themed PowerPoint template, and there are a lot of leftover designs that I have no idea what to do with. This blue and gray cover page template is in a fully editable layered format (PSD), so you’ll be able to move things around and adjust the design however you wish before you import everything into PowerPoint or any other presentation software such as Keynote.
Company presentation template demands professional skills for its creation and we have special professionals to complete this task more satisfactorily for our clients.
Most of these files are leftovers and unused concepts from real projects, and rather than letting them rot in my archives, I'm offering them here (for free).

One reason why I have so many is that my client was looking for several templates to use on a rotating basis – which seems to be a smart idea for anyone who gives presentations frequently. My name is Scott, I am a 3d and 2d illustrator, and I have been making stock illustrations since 2006. We have special skills to impart required professional flavor and look for your company ppt templates. It keeps your content looking fresh and your audience interested (especially if it’s the same audience over and over again).
All of the graphics on this blog have been created by me and are free for the taking - if you see something you like, please feel free to use it for your own blog or articles (with a link back to my site, if possible). Company presentation templates are always ideal to consider from us to attract success without fail in return. Just try once our company ppt templates service and you will be inclined more for our services again and again without fail due to the quality involved in it.

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