This one is a free tool that allows uploading photos, videos, audios, PDFs, or PowerPoint files for creating presentations. This is a really nice tool that allows uploading PowerPoint presentations and sharing them with others online. Empressr is a free tool that allows uploading your images, video and audio in order to create presentations online. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration.
With more long-distance meetings going on due to increasing travel costs and decreasing expense accounts, you need to be able to show your work to clients and co-workers so they can easily see your point. BrinkPad: BrinkPad is a Java-based presentation creator that allows you to save your finished work to the Web, save to disk, save as JPGs and more.
Google Docs Presentation: The Google Docs suite of office products includes a presentation tool that will allow you to collaborate with others just as you do with any of its other products. Imageloop: Upload PPT, ODP, PPS and PDF files to create your online presentations and then share them on sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Blogger, Hi5 and more. SlideShare: Directed more at the business market, SlideShare allows for all of the usual file format uploads and then allows you to share the completed work on social networks, blogs and other sites. Spresent: Spresent allows you to create Flash-based presentations with the ability to import content from Flickr and YouTube, publish to the Web, provide links to the presentation, embed into blogs and more. VCASMO: VCASMO will let you upload all of the usual variety of file formats that you need to create your presentations and allows you to add such things as subtitles, links to web sites within the presentation itself, skip to parts of a video even before it is done loading and many more user-friendly features. Zoho Show: Zoho Show allows you to import PPT, PPS, ODP, SXI files, create new presentations that can be set to public or private, guide viewers through a presentation with chat capability, export newly created works to PowerPoint and more. DOXWOX was designed as an alternative to telephone conference calls at which PowerPoint presentations are being presented and discussed; however, online broadcasting helps you to avoid that famous question “Where are we??” as Doxwox gets everyone on the same page. Gone are the days of simple presentations in conferences and offices with infographics only or with some visual add ons. You can also use Google Docs, which allows mobile friendly site for polls enabling people to participate from their mobile browsers. Hence, these are some very useful tools for presenters which will empower presenter’s effectiveness on stage.
Cliché as it is, pictures really do paint a thousand words, which is why visuals comprise another tool for making effective presentations. Graphs are a great way to show patterns, sequences, comparisons, facts, and sets of numerical values.
Beware of running videos that are too long, as they can prove a distraction to your speech instead of a way to enhance it. Because they are easy to use and update, Powerpoint presentations have become the most common visual tool in business presentations.
Visuals are not always necessary, and it’s important for you to determine if you do need them.
FEATURED Q&AI have to give a speech for my Business Communication course and the topic is "Communication theory, What seven traditions of communication theory can be defined?" The task is to concentrate on the speech not on the topic, do you have any advise for me? Creating presentations can sometimes be an irksome task and you might want to take advantage of one of the many resources present out there for creating online presentations. It allows uploading images and video, adding text, and creating presentations easily and quickly. If you will get the free plan your presentations will have ads, but you will still get unlimited uploads. It gives you the ability of uploading existing files or creating your presentations right from inside this tool.
This tool allows creating presentations quickly, while others can even work on the presentation at the same time.

These 12 tools will help you create all of the online presentations you need, set them to music, add links and videos and then embed them or share them as you see fit. You can also download them as videos that can be placed on YouTube or burned to a DVD, embed your presentations in sites, create channels to showcase your work and more.
The interface is a bit simplistic looking, but quite robust in the number of tools it offers. You can upload your own content such as video, images and audio to make your presentations, use content from sites such as Photobucket and Flickr and then share the links to your creations or embed them into blogs and social media websites.
When completed, you can download the finished projects as PDFs, PowerPoint or text documents. Presentations are currently limited to 150 slides, and file uploads are restricted to 50 MB. You can download your completed presentations to show any time you want even without an Internet connection.
You can upload your PowerPoint work, download finished presentations so you can show them anywhere, collaborate with team members, measure effectiveness, integrate dynamic data and a lot more. They also offer a desktop application for $29.95 so you can work on your presentations at any time.
The purpose of this product – on-line demonstrating of PowerPoint presentations and images in popular formats. Its multi-tab interface allows switching by just a click between multiple presentations and sets of images without starting a new presentation. Now is the era of what extra edge you present with your presentations exceeding the expectations of audience. Before the conference, once you finalize the details of the session, you can set up a Google Moderator page. Twitter lists can also be very useful , where you can easily keep track of the possible attendees and the tweets related to your event. The advantages to the audience by doing so is that they live blog on their own site not any third party. You can do it by using some PPT Template that use Adobe Flash to fetch tweets into your slides. This will enable people to easily save your contact information in their mobile without typing in and other hassles.
These awesome tools will help teachers, kids, students, company presenter and business person.
They help impart information in a simple and easily understood way, and can make it easy for your audience to remember facts and figures. Simply plug in your values into a spreadsheet, like Microsoft Excel, and create a graph you want. A line graph is essentially a set of points plotted on an X-Y axis and connected by a line. The pie represents a totality of the data involved, while the individual slices are the percentages of the whole.
Video is an effective means of reaching out to your audience, as it can incorporate music, effects, and vocal delivery. The ability to add graphs, videos, text, and even music to a Powerpoint presentation makes it a versatile and effective instrument. As with all visual aids, remember that your audience should be listening to YOU, not reading the slides. Paid plans (starting at $19 per month) boast extra features such as no ads, private uploads, analytics, and buzz tracking to view who is sharing your presentations on websites like Twitter and Facebook.
It boasts an inbuilt media search that lets you incorporate images and movies from services such as Flickr and YouTube in your presentations.

You have the ability of creating presentations or uploading your existing PowerPoint files. You have the ability of setting your presentations as public or private, and you can also download them and view them offline.
They offer a free account and two levels of premium accounts that increase the number of presentations you can upload. If you want to use the service for business presentations, they also include tools for charts and tables.
The presentations are created as Web pages, so you can also edit them by hand if the need should ever arise.
Once downloaded (note: Doxwox should be downloaded by EACH meeting participant), the presentation starts literally in a few seconds. Here, is the list of such easily available presentation tools to make your conference and presentations stand out different from others and effectively make a long lasting impression on the viewers.
It helps you to know your audience, as here they can decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. It will not only increase the visibility of your session among their facebook circle but also let you know the RSVP people for the session.
People can respond you by sending text messages and with the help of below linked online services, you can show the poll results in your slides in near real time. It will help you analyse the archive and find the relevant data to your business, brand or interests. It is recommended to convert the presentation to PDF format before sharing to prevent unnecessary editing.
The variable measured on the X-axis has to be something continuous, such as time or distance. Instead of a line, bars are used to represent values; the higher or longer the bar, the greater the value. However, precisely because you can do a lot with Powerpoint presentations, you’ll need to exercise some thought and restraint when using it. And if you do need to use them, it’s a good idea to use them in service of your presentation. With paid plans start from $59 per year and you get extra features such as making presentations private and even the ability of working offline.
Google Moderator gives a voting box at the top of page focusing on submissions recently added and on the rise. You can also embed backchannel Twitter chatter (say, search results for a hashtag), Google Moderator pages, and more.
Line graphs can be useful for comparing the progress of several trends, like the rise or decline stocks, prices, population, income, and so on. Bar graphs are ideal for providing data on the performance of employees, several models of cars, the GDP of different countries, etc. These presentations can be downloaded in PowerPoint format, emailed to others, or embedded in websites and blogs. This tool also provides you with a detailed reporting on who viewed your presentation, where, for how long and even how they interacted with the slides.

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