Apple – Design matters!  People pay more for products if you give them a reason to do so. Target – Makes customers feel good by letting them trade up,  differentiates its  brand from low cost retailers. STAY IN TOUCH with your customers and gain new clients via newsletters,  webinars or special offers.  Have free videoconferences via Skype. This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Marketing and tagged Business, Facebook, Marketing, Marketing strategy, On the Web, Podcast, Skype, Twitter on August 11, 2009 by Varju Luceno. Presentation sharing site Slideshare is growing in popularity,  users can upload Word documents,  text files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations,  PDF files as well as files created with Open Office (odt) and access them from the Slideshare site when presenting.  There is a 100 MB maximum allowed upload file size limit. Godin says that if a product satisfies and gets consumers to tell other people what you want them to tell other people, it’s not a gimmick.
This entry was posted in Book Reviews, Branding, Business, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Technology and tagged Free Prize Inside, Purple Cow, Seth Godin on August 6, 2009 by Varju Luceno. This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Networking, Small Business, Social Networking, Uncategorized on January 20, 2009 by Varju Luceno. Secondly, customize your product or service to address your ideal customer’s needs without forgetting your marketing environment. Then you create marketing messages that grab attention, motivate and move your ideal prospects towards making a purchase.
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One of our small business customers wanted to know more about creating relevant inbound links. This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Internet Marketing, Internet Research, Marketing, Small Business, Technology, Uncategorized, Web 2.0 on November 7, 2008 by Varju Luceno. Are you stuck in an airport for hours and would like to use your time wisely by working on your schedules, albums, or wedding plans? This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Collaboration, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Small Business, Technology, Virtual Assistant on July 23, 2008 by Varju Luceno.
One possibility to get your message out to customers and prospects is with a regular newsletter.
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I have met perfect small business owners with perfect little offices and perfect business plans and yet, I have had a hard time remembering what their business was about.  Why? Jim Kramer is mad about investing, it’s impossible not to remember him.  Steve Jobs is in love with Apple and its products, how can you not notice that? Passionate business owners create passionate customers with their enthusiasm.  These customers become followers and eventually turn into evangelists for your products and services.   Can your customers find a sparkle in your eye? This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Marketing, Small Business on May 31, 2008 by Varju Luceno. Start your own inexpensive podcast if you have talent or find someone who will interview you. One advantage that Google Presentations has over PowerPoint is the fact that all steps – the presentation creation, development, viewing and sharing can  take place online.

His examples include swatch watches, frequent flyer miles, Tupperware parties, and portable shredding trucks. Never give up, believe in yourself, even if you have no reason to do so, polls did not always predict Obama as a winner. Presentation skills – Obama is one of the most eloquent and self-confident speakers I have ever seen. Social media marketing – get away from ads to building online communities, just like Obama did.
The easiest way to get inbound links is from other websites or blogs that you own or control.
Google Docs enables you to do that as well if you have a gmail or Google account, accessible via web from any place with an Internet connection. Staying fresh in your customer’s mind and strengthening the brand is fine, but newsletters ultimately need to produce action and leads to be considered a success. You may or may not like Martha Stewart, but she is passionate about decorating everything from cupcakes to prison cells and it shows. Much of the book deals with how to sell great innovative ideas to the VIPs of any given company.

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