Personally Identifiable Information consists of your name, address (shipping and billing), telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, product model and serial number, and any other information that we receive that can be used to identify you.
We may occasionally send electronic newsletters or special offers to those who have provided us with their e-mail address. We employ reasonable and current security methods to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data integrity. Your use of this website constitutes your consent to the collection of all Personally Identifiable Information and to the terms stated herein. In accordance with The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, when Personally Identifiable Information is submitted to us via this website, we know that you trust us to handle that information accordingly and to protect your privacy. This information becomes confidential upon our receipt and while it is stored on our servers. If you choose not to receive future e-mail offerings or newsletters, please respond with a request for removal of your e-mail address.

Although we take every effort to protect your order information and other Personally Identifiable Information, we are not liable for transmission errors or unauthorized acts by third parties. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted and it is your obligation to periodically review this Policy for updates and changes. You may enter the information when placing an order, requesting technical support, participating in surveys, requesting newsletters or responding to any other online service offer.
You can always unsubscribe from the e-newsletter by either replying to an issue following the instructions at the bottom of the email or by manually contacting us. BlueAnt does not sell, rent, trade, publish, or otherwise disclose your Personally Identifiable Information except as disclosed in this statement. Technical support employees or customer service employees are an example of those employees who can access this information. You can access your personal information or opt-out of any marketing programs you have selected by contacting us at any time.On occasion we may post surveys on our website.

Selected outside firms may be used occasionally to help process certain offers, but those firms may only use the data for the processing the service itself. This privacy statement applies to information collected by the BlueAnt Wireless website only.If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.
The information collected from these surveys may be aggregated with other participants' information and the result of that aggregation may be published or provided to third parties.
At all times the aggregation of this information will not contain any Personally Identifiable Information.

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