A golf pro cover letter should demonstrate to the employer the level of knowledge that you have in managing a golf course which may include tasks such as sales, marketing and providing golf lessons to customers. The customer service representative cover letter sample below was written using just three paragraphs.
If your resume and covering letter are not working for you, email them to us for a free review. You can use the above customer service representative cover letter sample as a guide when writing your own letters.

Provide a summary of your work history in a similar positions and how the knowledge obtained in those positions can help you make a positive contribution to the business. Notice how the candidate starts by explaining why he is an ideal candidate for the vacant Customer Service Representative job. Keep your letter short using three or four brief paragraphs and focus on your achievements. Strengths and characteristics that you may want to include in your cover letter are; excellent managerial skills, customer service skills and sales skills.

In the second paragraph, he mentions his most recent roles as a Customer Service Representative and highlights some of his achievements. In this example, the letter ends with Hank Poloski reaffirming his suitability for the post.

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