Professional Backgrounds: Professional ppt background for powerpoint presentation template image. Last month we looked at how to minimize last-minute problems before a big presentation event. Imagine you’re managing a company-wide presentation event involving half a dozen departments with a handful of presenters from each and it’s your job to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. At eSlide, we’ve perfected the art of delivering professional PowerPoint presentation events.
Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to create a theme for your professional PowerPoint presentation event. It could include a custom logo derived from the main corporate brand or a specific color scheme or design. Your event branding should appear on all of the presentations being developed, and that means preparing a custom template. We’ve talked about the benefits of creating a template in a previous blog post, but this is even more important when it comes to big events.
Events mean multiple presenters, multiple professional PowerPoint presentations and often separate presentation development teams.
Without a defined template to work from, the people tasked with creating slides cannot ensure consistency across all of the presentations involved in the event.
Working without a template can lead to days of downtime and interruption to your schedule as conference organizers (i.e.
So, save yourself the extra work (and the headaches) by preparing a good template and distributing it to all presenters before they start building their professional PowerPoint presentations. An important part of your event preparation is creating and distributing a calendar of deadlines, including dates for materials’ submissions and run-throughs. Key milestones to include on your calendar are: an initial outline of content and a pre-final version of all slide decks.

Don’t surprise your presenters when it comes to technology – this is just asking for last-minute problems. It’s worth setting out the technology parameters for the event in a document that can be distributed with the template at the beginning of the process. December can be a busy time, so next month we’ll be doing a special blog on encouraging presenters to keep to deadlines. Enter your details below to receive our email newsletter with the latest Professional PowerPoint tips, tricks and advice from eSlide's Presentation Pros.
Leta€™s assume now that you prepared a thoroughly researched presentation and your slides follow best-practices for business presentations. Follow these tips and everyone will then be able to relax (including you) and pay attention to the content of your presentation.
For anyone in your organization who must present in a business setting, our Communication Performance Solutions series offers solid skill development and reinforcement. No, we aren’t suggesting Ancient Greece or Superheroes – we are talking about a unifying look for the event that ties all of the business presentations and ancillary materials together. Make sure you circulate any new design creations well in advance of the event so that everyone has sufficient time to review and approve.
A custom template will show off your theme and help guide presenters while they build their presentations. If people are left to their own devices to determine how slides should look, they will all likely follow a different style, and the event could look chaotic or unprofessional.
A calendar will help focus presenters’ minds so they don’t leave development and changes to the night before they are due. It’s ok if this ‘dress rehearsal’ version includes for-position-only content or work-in-progress versions of some slides.
Too much padding, and presenters won’t take your deadlines seriously and everyone will ask for a deadline extension.

Explain how things will work on the day well ahead of time so no one feels confused or uncertain about what to expect and what’s expected of them. This way, presenters have time to ask questions and you have time to head off any tech problems by making adjustments before the big day.
Ita€™s not easy to be memorable, but ita€™s not rocket science either, and it doesna€™t take raw, natural talent. If you know your topic and believe what you are saying, therea€™s no reason why you cana€™t go with the flow and enjoy the experience. The theme should draw on your existing corporate branding, reminding attendees who the information is coming from and reinforcing your brand and its message in their minds. Bear in mind too that presenters won’t be able to tweak files while any retrofit is happening. What’s important is getting presenters to submit something as it will concentrate their minds on the final deadline approaching. Chances that only one or two come to mind, and Ia€™m going to bet that the reason you remember that presentation is not because the topic was the most compelling. Fill the space with your voice, and be sure to speak up for audience members who may be hard of hearing. Think of this as your opportunity to break momentarily from your presentation for a 1-to-1 communication.

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