A: I initially chose ProCom largely because of my high school and extracurricular involvement. A: In addition to working at the Student Learning Centre, I currently serve as the President of the Professional Communication Course Union. Give an ADHD child technology to self monitor themselves, it was this gift that was given to me. The 2014 recipient of the inaugural Les McIlroy Award, Amanda is part of the first cohort of the Professional Communication (ProCom) Bachelor of Arts program.
I thoroughly enjoyed and felt comfortable in leadership positions, especially those that involved public speaking, and felt that ProCom was a perfect mix of all of my strengths and interests.

Because it is very small, it has given me the opportunity to build relationships with nearly every student in the program and develop a comfortable connection with staff and faculty. Over the summer between first and second year, I worked full-time in an internship position in the communications field, assisting in both public affairs and corporate communications departments. I believe that keeping an accepting open mind and cherishing every opportunity that comes your way is what will make you successful, especially upon graduating from a program like Professional Communication. I work with a team of highly motivated individuals to create and execute social, academic, and career-related events specific to ProCom students in order to establish and support an increased sense of community. I enjoy public affairs and corporate communication, but am also extremely interested in accessible website development.

Being diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD in grade 4, I have experienced challenges all of my life.
We also facilitate communication between faculty, staff, students and alumni, and aim to represent the best interests and needs of ProCom students.

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