Would that be an "Open File - Security Warning" dialog prompt like below instead of UAC?
In that case, you could use either tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut to run the program elevated without getting a UAC prompt. Is it possible using this technique to enable the internal administrator account (so I can use the password) but make in not possible to sign on as it? If you only have the shortcut in your account after created, then it'll only work in your account.
In my line of work, I am continually installing and reinstalling Windows and, on top, client-specified applications. I've found an interesting utility called OpenHardwareMonitor which gives live updates for CPU temperatures and some other metrics. Is there any way to tell Windows that this application is ok so that you don't get the popup warning? Finally, the properties on the EXE itself do not offer any security options to "Unblock" it.
Because the program has to run elevated to access all sensors, you have to confirm with UAC every time you start it. This solution requires you to create a 'scheduled' task for the application and running the app means triggering the task. This shortcut and task can only be created and work while logged in as an administrator account. This should suppress this dialog, however as stated it should suppress it for all programs that would otherwise do this, so may not be the answer you particularly wanted.
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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. If you click Show details, you can see where the file is stored and can view its security certificate. If you’re using a standard account in Windows, then you will be required to enter the administrative password to accept a UAC prompt. Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!
I wish Microsoft would put as much effort in true security and vulnerability patching as they do making sure I’m not using a bootleg copy of Windows. Anyone who disables UAC probably hasn’t understood the mechanism and how much it protects you and others in your network. Seems stupid to turn off UAC, I seldom see it, and it can save you, as it did me the other day just by following an innocent result in a Google search about Cross Country’s skis. I discovered that I could alleviate this problem by going up to the program’s properties and giving it security clearance (the standard user running it typically only had rights to Read).
Also, the preferences are typically in the AppData folder, so you could synchronize the settings between accounts by throwing around the files from there if you wished. Developing with UAC is just too bothersome, the restricted permissions don’t consider developers.
UAC is a hacked patch to cover the holes left by legacy design, and I truly wish they thought of a better solution back when they built the NT kernel, it’s pretty much beyond repair IMHO. DID YOU KNOW?The Frito-Lay chip company takes their potato chip research and development seriously; after extensive research they determined that consumers like a chip that snaps in the mouth when bitten with approximately four pounds of pressure per square inch.
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This Windows security warning is a precautionary message by Windows if it is not able to recognize the software publisher. I'm new to Windows 8 and all this administrator stuff so I'm going to wade through this in the coming days.
For security reasons, a blanket suppression for all EXE types is probably a bit incautious!
UAC is nothing more than a nagging little sister always ready to tell Dad you’re playing with the computer. Just this week I saw a trojan with a rootkit payload slip past the installed antivirus software, and the only thing preventing it from spreading was UAC. There is no reason to open that kind of security hole just to avoid a few minor dialog windows every now and then…unless you like cleaning viruses and reinstalling operating systems. Not the type of subject that many would consider risky, but compromised web servers are everywhere.
Substitute [Name] with the name of the task (step 1) and the fill in the path to the program which should run elevated.
When it comes to security, Microsoft cares about one issue and one issue only: Making sure your copy of Windows is genuine and thus, making easy clean installs over OEM systems a damn nightmare. In fact, Microsoft crippled UAC in Windows 7 so that malware can actually turn it of (?!?!?!) but the user is still notified immediately when this happens.
Putting my admin account’s password into UAC makes a program run as though the admin *user* ran it.
That could be a pain if all my settings are in my standard account but I need to run as an admin (for example, FreeCommander needing to see certain folders).

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