Yesterday the heavy metal cruise ship festival 70,000 of Metal has begun announcing their 2016 line-up, starting with a personal favorite of mine, Iced Earth. If you’ve already survived the expedition once, you should be receiving a promo code to allow you first dibs on buying tickets for next year. If you are a Survivor, you will recieve your PROMOCODE before booking for your group begins. Booking for UMC GOLD Survivors (3 or more sailings) will start Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 3PM EST. They also announced that the mystery location was Falmouth, Jamaica, and that we were getting the next batch of 10 next week! Instrumental post-rock band Caspian will be opening Underoath’s reunion tour that kicks off in March. On Friday (15), Bloodiest will be releasing their self-titled full length album on Relapse. Each hour since, another band has been announced, with Lacuna Coil and Fleshgod Apocalypse being the next two followed by Dragonforce, Delain, and At the Gates. Lauderdale, traverses the sea to a currently undisclosed location, and returns to on the 8th, one sweaty, four day music festival later. Our port call in 2016 will be Falmouth, Jamaica offering a wider range of shore excursions then ever before!
Now you can listen to the whole Voyager EP,  which is streaming online before it’s May 13 release. The headliners will be performing They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line in their entirety. However, the Sanford Parker and Tony Lazzara-produced album is streaming now over at Nerdist. We’re supposed to have the first 10 out of the 60 playing by 6PM today, so keep an eye out for the rest!

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