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So for one of our customers, we wanted to start there, in the checkout process.  And one of the first places we looked, was on the page offering the temptation of the tantalizing Coupon Code. One of the largest online retailers in the world, Office Depot, has has many as three different prompts for discount codes in their checkout process. A study a few years back by ComScore found that 27% of online shoppers had abandoned shopping carts because they wanted to look for a coupon. In our implementation, the available codes are listed in a lightbox, so the user truly never leaves the page. Further, like most of our clients, this client has consistently seen a distinct correlation of the use of coupon codes to improved revenues and profitability of the web site.  So this improvement has been classified a strong victory. First time I hear about this issue, people abandoning shopping carts because they wanted to look for a coupon. Hi Paul, many of our customers do quite well because of coupon codes, and the implementation I documented in this post starts to show how much can be lost due to coupon code hunting! Manufacturers publish coupons to bring product awareness, boost sales and to promote new items. Magazines - All You has lots of coupons and can be found at Wal-Mart, Women's Day, Food Magazines, etc. E-Coupons - lots of local grocery stores and pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) offer electronic coupons to be loaded to your membership card for use.
We recommend when you find a good deal on an item that you use regularly, to purchase enough supply until the item goes on sale again and you can restock.

In conclusion, start out slow with one store you are comfortable with and start the coupon matching process.
If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. When coupons are published they have an expiration date anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months from the date of publication. Check your store policy, some stores don't accept or limit the amount you can use in a shopping trip. If you are going to do this, we would recommend you set up an email account just for this type of activity so you won't get bombarded with email offers or spam on your person email.
A service can make your life so much easier, you only select the coupons you are going to use, so no extra papers or clipping coupons.
So if you live in TX and go to CA for a trip and want to use a manufacturer's coupon you can do so.
Now this is a general rule, if you do not know when the item will go on sale again do 3 months or whatever you are comfortable with. Generally within the life of the coupon, there will be a sale at one of your local stores and you can match the coupon to the sale for additional savings.
In addition, they may accept printed coupons but none over a certain value or for free items. So, the key concept is to get the coupons for items you normally would purchase and hold them until there is a sale.
A coupon clipping service is an advantage, because they source coupons from around the country, not just one area, so the variety is much better than what you can find in your local papers.

If you do this within a few months your regular shopping trip will diminish to just essential (milk, bread, etc.) and sales items. Choose the stores that have the best coupon policies for your family, limits for a larger family are important. Choose a service close to your location to ensure you get your coupons timely for sale items, or consider upgraded trackable shipping. This is why extreme couponers break their orders up into smaller groups to comply with store policies. You probably already know that certain items go on sale every few weeks or months but never really paid any attention. So if you buy 3 tubes of toothpaste you can use 3 coupons, but you cannot use 3 coupons for 1 tube of toothpaste. There are a ton of sites that will tell you what coupons to match a sale for many national chains. Let's face it, we are not all going to walk away with a 99% savings at the grocery store, like on TV.
However just by doing a little coupon clipping and spending a little time planning, you could save up to 40-60% on your regular shopping trips.

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