From time to time Apple Apps developers release free promo codes for iPhone Applications which you can use and get the application on a discount or free of cost.
If you sign up for our weekly promotional emails, you will automatically be on the list to receive free bids promo codes exclusively for newsletter subscribers! When logged into QuiBids, click on the My QuiBids tab, then click on My Account, then click My Information.
If you have the box checked and haven’t received emails from us, make sure to check your spam and junk folders.
Every Friday, QuiBids will send out a notification on Facebook to all users who have entered the Daily Sweepstakes.
To be eligible to receive the promo code notifications, you must approve the permissions when signing up for the Daily Sweeps on your first time entering. We will also post reminder statuses within 24 hours, in case you missed the alert for some reason.
If you haven’t received a promo code FB notification lately, you may have to resubmit an entry into the Daily Sweepstakes. If you missed the notification, we will usually make a social media post within 24 hours as a second reminder. Now most iPhone users dont even know about this feature because most of them directly use the App Store offered within the iPhone where they tap on the keys and click on Buy Now and get the App downloaded.

Hopefully you are already aware of this, but if not, we wanted to take a moment to let you know how you can start taking advantage of these free bids opportunities.
If you haven’t heard of the Daily Sweepstakes before, its our daily free bids giveaway where we give 50 free bids to four bidders every Monday – Friday. In order to be eligible for the promo codes, you must be a QuiBids customer and have purchased the initial bid pack. But if you browse around the web you will find many websites offering free promo codes for different Apps which can be redeemed easily.
We provide these promo codes as a way to reward our loyal customers, but anyone is free to use them as long as they are eligible.
Also keep in mind some promo code bids are only available for 24 hours after you redeem them. When the domain name renews, each year of private registration will renew at the regular rates in effect at the time of renewal.
Cancel replyPlease submit your comment with a real name.Name * Email * Website CommentThanks for your feedback! If you are a member or silver status you can earn a maximum of 15 credits per day, those with gold status can earn 20 credits per day.Bing Rewards Promo CodesBing rewards often give out promotional codes to their membership which result in instant free credits.
Some people say that bing occasionally sends them out in the newsletter, but I’m not sure how true this is.

Once you reach this you receive a bonus of 50 credits.GoldGold is the highest status you can currently reach with Bing rewards. This discount is up to 10%, anywhere from 5 to 50 points depending on how large the gift card is for and what store it’s for. If you have gold status you get a slight discount of 15 credits and pay 385 credits instead. At most you’ll be able to generate 600 credits a month (assuming a 30 day month and that you have gold status which has a maximum of 20 credits per day). I think Bing Rewards will be best suited to people with a lot of free time and small incomes (e.g students).
We will only recommend the products that we believe are the best fit for you, the consumer.

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