We were informed of the promo code — "1234" — in an anonymous tip, and were able to verify it ourselves on the checkout page of the Razer Store (see image below). If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. 12:54 pm October 18, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share5 +115Shares 20Specialist gaming peripheral and hardware manufacturer Razer, has this week announced they are offering a customised Star Wars Blade one-of-a-kind gaming laptop, worth around $15,000 in a new competition.

Razer explains a little more about this awesome customised Star Wars gaming laptop, which is available for anyone to win by simply entering their name into the sweepstake on the Razor website. So don’t delay jump over to the Razor website to enter the Star Wars Blade gaming laptop sweepstake. Donec mollis, eros vel tristique tempus, risus eros dapibus erat, eget volutpat velit leo vitae lectus.

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