The HTC DROID DNA, which could easily be considered Verizon’s best available phone (our review), can be had for free thanks to a new coupon code and referral program that Big Red is running through May 21. Verizon is currently charging $199 on new 2-year contract for the DNA, so this promo will save you almost $200. Keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available starting May 23 and that there is still a chance that Verizon carries a version of the HTC One down the road. Went to the verizon store and they said I needed to have a HTC phone on my account to use the upgrade.
Is it possible to use the coupon to get the dna, then turn around and return it for say a note 2?
I have this phone and its the best android device I have ever had and the best hands down in the Verizon line up. I would agree but for my wife (coming from an OG Droid) and my mom (thunderbolt…) it was a good deal, and they are happy with the phones. I went from a Rezound to a S3, best decision I made, I loved HTC build quality, but their software is complete garbage.
Well since they are about to release the GS4 on the 23rd they are trying to clear out space off the shelves by the 21st. I suspect many people feel the same way and would have bought this phone by now if it had more memory. Yeah because 11 gigs with no sd card is so much better than 9 gigs with an sd card, oh wait 11 gigs with no sd card is garbage. If an LTE version of the Nexus 4 is released on Google Play, I’m ordering two on launch day.

It would be really nice if all these promos and discounts would apply for users buying at retail price!
Clarification – you can use it to upgrade, but you cannot keep an unlimited data plan. They currently don’t have any devices that support VoLTE, so it is certainly possible that they will be introducing an HTC One variant as their first VoLTE device. One of the big selling points of the LG Revolution that they didn’t trumpet enough was that it was the phone Verizon was using for internal VoLTE testing, and that was two years ago.
Verizon fios promotion code review - move money, Verizon fios comcast contention internet cable service. Verizon fios promotion code review - move money, Verizon fios and comcast are often in contention for internet and cable service. Verizon fios promotion code - updated 2016, What latest verizon fios promotion code 2016 ? Verizon wireless promo codes, coupons 2016 - retailmenot, Top verizon wireless coupon: $100 select smartphones + waived activation fee. Verizon Wireless Promo Codes for Iphone 6 – There is nothing more satisfying rather than to get a very cheap internet plan such as what Verizon Wireless has provided right here. Anyway, here are the most recent Verizon Wireless Promo Codes for Iphone 6 that you can utilize in case you are going to buy some internet plan using Verizon services. Verizon Wireless is a typical subsidiary telecommunication company which is a parent of Verizon Communications Incorporated.
All you have to do, is click through on the source link below, type in your email address, and wait for your coupon code to arrive (should take only a couple of minutes).

My Note 2 last 8-9 hours of constant use, and up to 36 hours if all I do is talk text and stream music. No wonder they are giving it away for free, the only way they can attract customers now is by free merchandise.
For those who don’t want to waste money on internet, please make sure you utilize the latest Verizon Wireless promo codes right here on our website. Please don’t forget to visit Verizon Wireless website to get more explanation regarding this offers. Wow Coupons is your savings guide for Verizon Wireless coupon codes, discounts, sales and deals. For all of you babies whining about your unlimited data, grow up and find out how much you actually use. Today it is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States and there are 2.330 number of locations around United States. Wheres on Tmobile if you buy a non subsidized device they reduce the monthly cost of your wireless plan since your aren’t paying the sub fee.
Our Promo Codes, discounts, and promo codes for Verizon Wireless are free and updated every day.

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