Enter this code at checkout to get $30 discount on select hotels when you spend $250 or more. Enter this code at checkout to get 12% discount on select hotels when you spend $300 or more with 3 or more nights stay. In looking at the promotion code (which I have intentionally blurred out of the image above), it looks like it may be a unique code just for me, but it’s hard to tell. While this promotion is available for 5% of many hotels, you will notice that most major hotel chains are excluded. HotelClub is a world leading global accommodation website offering hotel and accommodation bookings for at least up to 12 months in advance.
HotelClub offers discounted hotel rates all year round and offers an extensive range of one to five star hotels in a variety of style, luxury, services and budget. You can use Hotelclub promo codes to enjoy additional 5% to 20% savings hotel bookings on Hotelclub.

If you are not sure how to use HotelClub discount codes, just follow the instructions we provided below. Continue with the booking process to select your hotel until you arrive at the page where you need to enter payment details. I’m wondering if I was truly targeted as a loyal customer or if this is sent to everyone?
I don’t really view this as a big deal, however, because I book rooms with major chains directly through their sites or via other means. HotelClub provides consumers with millions of hotel accommodation choices in over 7,000 cities worldwide.
With greater than 85,000 properties to choose from, you might have your choice of an actually exclusive getaway anyplace on the planet.

I just used my most recent credit to receive more than $200 off of my upcoming stay at the New Hotel in Athens in early April.
Effortlessly search the most well-liked resorts, condos or bed and breakfasts primarily based on user testimonials and ratings.
You will have a lot of selections in deciding the variety and also the kind of the space which you want to remain. This service will allow you not to waste your time in booking to get a hotel straight since in some cases the rooms are complete.

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