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Robocraft.me news section where you can find promo codes, announcements, important information, videos and twitter feeds.
The problem is that the server files refer to players using those names, so they're needing to be tweaked to use unique identification codes instead try putting this in the world generator: "7208794910977586159". Tagged with: robocraft promotional code generator, robocraft promotional code generator download, robocraft optional promotional code generator, robocraft promotional code generator 2014.
Remember - This is all my opinion, highly subjective, and liable to change as hotfixes and patches continue!
Proto-seekers, the "Noob weapon" according to the devs themselves, but is it any good at getting RP?
BUILD Awesome powerful Robots, DRIVE them into battle, and FIGHT online in an epic Free-To-Play battle for supremacy.

Profanity filter is now live, it is only in it’s infancy at the moment and will improve over time.
Existing users will be able to find codes in YouTube videos and on our FB and Twitter feeds which we will occasionally release to give everyone free stuff. This topic contains 4 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Hummus 2 years, 1 month ago.
The game is still in the testing phase and although i think the grind to higher levels is acceptable at the moment, getting to higher tiers a bit faster is very welcome ( I wanna test higher tier bots !
Build a Robotank, build a Hover Speeder or a Thrust Powered Flier and join an already huge and rapidly growing community of Robocrafters. We are not aiming to filter all profanity from the game, we are just aiming to reduce a % of it. If you have hover blades placed in this way, you will get an error when you try to enter battle.

If they aren’t one time use promo codes and bound to an account, then shenanigans could happen with widespread dissemination of promocodes for free stuff.
And it will also allow the (huge) influx of new players to move up some tiers and try out the end game blocks. Other improvements that were made include changes to the mouse sensitivity, a new invert Y option and the introduction of a profanity filter.

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