Single Coca-Cola cans bearing the Six Flags coupon are readily available in the coolers at nearby service stations. Use your Discover Credit Card and receive an additional 5% discount off the price of Six Flags admission tickets – purchased online or at the park.
What’s even better, Discover Cardmembers can instantly save 5% on passes, parking, food, merchandise and more purchased at the park! If you drink Coke and have a lot of patience you may be able to redeem your MyCoke Reward (MCR) points for Six Flags admission tickets.

Minutes from Great America, the Gurnee Holiday Inn Convention Center has several Six Flags packages available that include either 2 or 4 park tickets, as well as a complimentary shuttle to and from the theme park. Or you can save $21 through June 30, 2013 on weekend general admission tickets, all courtesy of Coca-Cola.
Worth up to $40, the coupon can either be used for a free kid’s ticket (9 years and younger) with the purchase of a full-price general admission ticket on weekdays or $10 off each full-price general admission ticket any day. Available in one or two night stays, the package includes tickets to Great America, as well as a complimentary shuttle to and from the theme park.

Both regular and gold season pass holders receive a book of coupons and tickets which includes discounted days for friends, like “Bring a friend for $10,” and even free days!

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