MANILA, Philippines - Smart Communications is now offering free internet to all its subscribers. After dropping hints two days ago, PLDT Chaiman Manny V.
Through this special offer, all of the 66 million Smart Prepaid, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun Cellular Prepaid subscribers can use their data-enabled cellphones to browse through and post on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, visit their favorites websites, search on Google and Wikipedia, use navigation tools like Waze and Google Maps, book a cab or limo service via Easy Taxi and Uber, or use traffic info sites such as the MMDA's and InterAksyon's.
They can also send and receive emails, read their favorite blogs or update their own blogs, listen to songs via Smart’s Spinnr music service, shop via online stores like Zalora, Lazada, book their travel details through sites like Skyscanner and Expedia, among other things – all without incurring data charges. Subscribers can access the internet either through data-capable feature phones or smartphones running on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.
Smart’s free mobile Internet offer follows the telco leader’s recent announcement that it has stepped up the deployment of its mobile internet network, to meet the growing demand for mobile data services. Smart recently reported a 73% hike in mobile data traffic, as smartphone prices continue to fall and innovative services like SmartNet and PisoNet allow more and more Filipinos to gain access to the Internet via their mobile phones. The PLDT Group has thus far rolled out about 90,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables all over the country which provides the transmission facilities needed to support internet services.
To avail of the free mobile internet offer, Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers must have an available airtime balance of at least one peso, or is subscribed to any load bucket or promo. FREE INTERNET is a promotion available to all ACTIVE prepaid subscribers to enjoy access to mobile Internet with no extra cost, initially up to 30MB, and subject to the promo terms and fair use policy.
All ACTIVE Smart subscribers can avail of the free Internet promo anytime within the promo period. Your existing data package will NOT be affected, and you will still be allowed to register to the Free Internet special offer.

We are an online media outlet that brings the hottest news and coolest reviews of products and services for the modern Pinoy! Through the Smart Free Internet promo, all 69 million Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers all over the country, can use their data-enabled cellphones to access the Internet without data charges, for up to 30MB daily. Alongside the extension, Smart also announced that its network is ready for the expected surge in mobile data traffic in 2015, as the increasing affordability of data-hungry smartphones encouraged more Filipinos to snap up devices in the last few weeks of 2014. Over a fourth of Smart and Sun Cellular’s combined over 69 million subscribers are already using smartphones, helping drive a robust 112% increase in mobile data traffic within the network, equivalent to 27,000 terabytes worth of data exchanged from January to September 2014, compared with just 13,000 terabytes of data for the same period last year.
Through the Smart Free Internet promo, all 69 million Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers just need to register by texting FREE to 9999, to start using their data-enabled cellphones to access the Internet without data charges, for up to 30MB daily.
Smart and Sun Cellular’s parent company PLDT reported in November higher capex levels for 2014, projected to be approximately P34.5 billion, compared to an earlier projected number of P32 billion. According to the latest smartphone sales tracking report from Gartner, released in December 2014, worldwide sales of smartphones grew 20 percent in the third quarter of 2014 – with much of the growth attributed to emerging markets in Asia and Africa.
Pangilinan revealed today that all Smart prepaid subscribers will be able to use up to 30 Megabytes of free Internet per day. Many of them already have the mobile devices capable of accessing the internet but have yet to use them to go online. Moreover, we continue to expand the reach of our network so that we can bring the internet to more communities all over the country,” said Napoleon L. It has also the most extensive international cable systems needed to connect the Philippines to the rest of the world.

Among the latest of such innovations are PowerApp and the PisoNet service which provides 10 minutes of mobile internet access for one peso,” he explained. They must register each day, by simply sending “FREE” to the number “9999.” Registration is free. Data charges will however apply to peer-to-peer uploads and downloads, videos, VOIP and messaging.
This way, Smart can truly push ‘Internet for all’ and spread the benefits of the Internet in the fastest and most effective way possible,” Lim added. Beyond that, we are also accelerating our data capacity build-out, as part of our continuous efforts to future-proof our network in light of increased demands in mobile data for the coming months and years,” said Ramon Isberto, head of Public Affairs at Smart and PLDT. This capex is expected to be carried over into 2015, given the market’s continued appetite for data services, as more Filipinos start using smartphones. This mirrors Philippine data, showing smartphone sales in the country growing by about 22 percent in the same period, according to a report released in October 2014 by Singapore-based research firm GfK. In this way, Smart can effectively promote digital inclusion and spread the benefits of the Internet in the fastest and most effective way possible,” he added. His wife, Edna, was a sch Read More+ Blogapalooza 2016: HORIZONS [event] MANILA, Philippines - Bloggers, unite!

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