Starting on February 12 through February 16, 2015, qualifying new and existing T-Mobile customers can purchase T-Mobile’s most popular 7” tablet, the Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop 7, for no money down and no monthly payments. Still, the move shows the flexibility T-Mobile has since moving to a model in which it separates the cost of the phone from its monthly service. Under the new promotion, which starts on Saturday, customers can get a 16 gigabyte iPhone 5, for example, for no upfront fee and 24 monthly payments of $27 per month.
Though not cutting device prices, the move could nonetheless be attractive to those looking to get a new phone without a big initial cost. As part of its Next early-upgrade program, AT&T is offering a number of phones for no money down, with installment payments of $15 to $50 per month for 20 months. Sievert did not give an end date for T-Mobile’s new offer, but said promotions such as these tend to run days or weeks, and not for months.

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The deal, which first launched back in late July, allowed prospective smartphone customers to grab Apple's fifth- and sixth-generation iPhone handsets for no downpayment, and with monthly payments starting at around $25. Apple's iPhone 4, however, along with other smartphones, will still be available for $0 down.
That’s why they’re bringing back their most popular “get a tablet on us” promotion from Black Friday of last year. The Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Q10 and HTC One are all $25 per month, while the entry-level Nokia Lumia 521 is just $5 per month. Options range from a $50-per-month plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 500 megabytes of high-speed data to an option for $70 per month that includes unlimited high-speed data.

Additional lines for family members cost $30 for the first extra line and $10 per additional line after that.
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It isn’t really dropping the price of phones, just spreading the entire cost of the phone over 24 months instead of using a mix of an initial down payment and monthly payments.

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