All work provided in this blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. In this article we will study how to create header and footer and using both on the master page .
There is no formal build and publishing process for Websites in Visual Studio 2010, it is really a set of files and folders. It show you the preview of files before publishing and it also contains a column action which tell whether it is Add\Update\Delete. The main difference between publishing a web project  in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 is , In VS 2010 publish settings files is tightly associated with the build-configuration file. This is just one kind of grouping, say for example you can create multiple profile one for Azure and one for local.
If you use the web site templates while creating a project in Visual Studio 2010 then publishing experience is vastly different from what available on web application projects.

Now come back to the Visual Studio editor and right click on the website and say Publish Web Site.
Now take a scenario where you have published a web site and want to tweak some content or css. New updates have been released for improving publishing experience in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 as part of the Windows Azure SDK release.
For example if you have three production servers and assume they different environment variables then in VS 2010 you have to create build-configuration files. In Visual Studio 2012 you can take the release build-configuration file and can publish to as many places as you want.
Rob,This tutorial is to publish website in Visual studio 2012 , But your are trying to publish web application . This post walk-through the new publishing features available in Visual Studio 2012 by creating and publishing a new website.

All this happens automatically (could we say automagically) with the click of a button inside Visual Studio 2010 or 2012. This .cmd file is created as part of the Web Deploy Package publish method that you can choose once inside Visual Studio. The first post that mentions this status code was this one: Status code 550 when using Msdeploy The guy lost 1 day to find what was going on and it took me only 1 minute to figure out the error I had with his help.
This is super useful let’s say when you discover a bug in production and want to change something in whatever file to correct that bug. With the Preview tab you can do this: select just the file(s) you changed to correct the bug and deselect all the others.

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