Military units can now join forces, with support units (an anti-tank brigade with infantry, or a warrior with settlers are the examples 2K provides) capable of 'embedding' with active ones, sharing one tile but doubling the effect.2K also promised improvements to research speed, allowing you to mature your empire faster through exploration, and better tutorials for newcomers.
Bad Boy, previously known as BAD GUY, has officially arrived iPad in China with the price of $9.99.
As the first mobile game by Crytek, the developer behind CryEngine and Far Cry, Bad Boy has gotten much attention worldwide once it announced. In Bad Guy, a mercenary army made up of former Special Forces soldiers, assassins and government secret service agents are designated to carry out the most unique yet darkest missions. Launch A must see game for minesweeper and minimalist puzzle game fans Developers Corner Launch Tears of the Machine: creating immersive story telling on a mobile device Developers Corner Launch Assault Breaker lands on iOS and Android Developers Corner General Want to Create an App? LATEST VIDEOS The 8 best Star Wars games on mobile iPad 100 best mobile games ever iPad See all the characters unlocked!

Multiplayer is also getting an overhaul, and while the traditionally lengthy Civilization versus modes will return, they'll be joined by co-op and competitive modes offering "a wide variety of situations all designed to be easily completed in a single session". A 'Digital Deluxe Edition' will also be available, packing in the core game, a special 25th Anniversary soundtrack, and four DLC packs, released post-launch, that will add "new maps, scenarios, civilizations and leaders". This is a pre-launch version for the gamers that have been waiting this game for a long time. Bad Boy is a real-time warfare mobile game delivering a high quality, console-style experience for mobile devices. There are 6 unique character types players can choose from: Commando, Rifleman, Demoman, Medic, Heavy and Engineer.
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