Kevin Gates surprised everybody last October when he got married to his girlfriend and mother of his two children Dreka Haynes. During the interview, Gates starts waxing poetic about how great being wed to Dreka is, and how it has changed him for the better. Real nigga needs to have a real bitch by his side,,,,,congrats to my nu favorite rapper,,,stay tru potnah!!!!!!
In an open relationship you can sleep with whomever you want (with possible specific exceptions) without your significant other. I don’t see the point of really getting married if you and your spouse got to have sex together with another to spice things up in the bed room.

She may actually like women just as much as he does but it’s still saying they not enough for each other in the bed room. Connecting Foster Carers ~ SA is the peak body for foster, relative & kinship carers in South Australia. CFC-SA exists to support and strengthen individuals and families who care for children and young people in home based care.
Then he goes on about how wonderful Dreka tastes because of her steady diet of mangos, and how that may be the key to their relationship. That’s not love but lust and sex is way deeper than just two people in a act in my opinion.

No one understands the challenges carers face looking after children in the care system quite like other carers.
The more members we have, the stronger our organisation becomes and the better we can support you.
Gates said so him self that his wife sexually is the best he had if that’s true what’s the point of adding another woman to the mix?

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