Many Canadian newspapers have made further jumps in digital this year, amid an industry hit hard by faltering advertising revenue and drops in circulation. The newspaper industry in Canada has been hit hard in recent years by massive declines in advertising revenue and sharp drops in circulation. Digital platforms have been touted as a survival strategy for broadsheet papers, and many have extended their online reach in 2015. Montreal's French-language La Presse, for example, announced in September it will end its weekday print editions in 2016, pinning its hopes on the successful La Presse+ tablet edition.
The 131-year-old publication cut 158 jobs earlier this year, and will make print editions available only on Saturdays. Launched in 2013 at a cost of $40 million, the free tablet app has more than double the number of readers of La Presse's print edition, reaching more than 450,000 readers weekly, most of them aged 25 to 54. French-language newspaper La Presse will only publish a print edition on Saturdays starting in 2016, with weekday editions appearing only on its free tablet app La Presse+. Incorporating articles with interactive media elements like video, audio and photos, the app also includes interactive ads, which Torstar president and chief executive David Holland said will allow advertisers to reach and engage younger readers.
Canada's largest newspaper invested heavily in Star Touch, spending $10 million to $12 million and hiring dozens of new staff. The Toronto Star is offering an advertising-supported tablet edition, while the Globe and Mail is sticking with a paywall.
While the Globe allows for 10 free stories a month before prodding its readers with a subscription paywall, the Winnipeg Free Press limits its readers to only three free stories, ever. After that, people can sign up with a credit card for its micropayment subscription, an iTunes-style model that allows readers of the Winnipeg Free Press a€” or the "Freep" as it is sometimes called a€” to purchase articles individually. Introduced this summer, the system lets a reader buy each story for 27 cents, or purchase an online subscription at the full $16.99 price.
The micropayment system has been called a success by publisher Bob Cox, who says casual readers now number in the thousands, with a couple of dozen new casual readers signing up every day.
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Fred Jenkins, owner and publisher of Canadaa€™s only newspaper for blacks, Dawn of Tomorrow, looks over some back issues in a file photo from 1990. Born into an accomplished black family, Fred Jenkins spent nearly a century upholding the tradition of community service.
Jenkins served two terms as the first black trustee on the former London board of education and was one of a group of brothers and sisters that took over the work of their parents in publishing Dawn of Tomorrow, a pioneering publication for Canada’s black community. His father, James Jenkins, founded Dawn of Tomorrow in London in 1923 with the aim of unifying the black community with stories about North American black successes. When the elder Jenkins died in 1931, his wife Christine and her eight children, including Fred, carried on publishing the paper.

His brother David, an English teacher at Central secondary school, and sister Christine wrote many of the articles while Fred helped with distribution and advertising. Jenkins was elected to the London board of education (later merged into the Thames Valley District board), serving two terms in the 1980s representing south-east London. Thames Valley trustee Peter Jaffe said Jenkins fought for the interest of poor and disadvantaged students but downplayed his status as the first black trustee. He was a lifetime member of Lions International and rose to the position of district governor. Along with sister and brother, Jenkins is survived by his son Douglas, daughters Leslie Anne and Jennifer, a grandchild, three great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. If you already have an account on this newspaper, you can login to the newspaper to add your comments. Choose among a variety of subscription packages and stay up to date with convenient home delivery and our on the go digital e-edition.
Flip HTML5, a HTML5 and jQuery Flip Book Maker has introduced its exciting pricing plans to users. When contacted, a representative of the company said, a€?We want to make our software available for everyone. According to sources, the company is offering multiple pricing plans that include the most impressive plan of free and gold plan of $29 per month.
FlipHTML5 Software was started in year 2010, the headquartered of the company is in China and the branch offices are in HongKong China. A vigorous program is in place to enhance the literary life of Qatar, including strong investment in the National Library and support for publishers. The fabulous frontage of Qatar’s National Convention Centre, where the 25th Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) runs until 17 January, is breath-taking. The Qatar National Library (QNL) is a hugely ambitious project, one that makes visitors from austerity Britain almost embarrassed; UK libraries currently have the funding version of Dutch Elm disease and branches — if you’ll forgive the pun — are falling from the main trunk at an alarming rate. But, like many in the region, he is disappointed by the lack of bookshops — if the industry is like a tree then it needs these roots. International visitors to the fair this year as guests of ministry of culture included London Book Fair Director Jacks Thomas, the UK Publishers Association’s Director of Publisher Relations, Emma House and the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Vice President of Business Development for Asia Claudia Kaiser.
At BQF and elsewhere, they are waiting to see exactly what the new Emir’s vision is, and how books fit into it. About the AuthorRoger Tagholm TwitterRoger Tagholm is based in London and has been writing about the book industry for more than 20 years. Readers can even get a refund on purchased articles by clicking on a button and explaining why it wasn't worth the price. However, Postmedia pulled the plug on the evening tablet editions in October for the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. That is why we have started various pricing plans for our users to make the services affordable for them.a€? He further added, a€?We are offering four types of plans that include free, standard, pro and gold, users can select any of the pricing plans according to their needs and budget.

According to this plan, users can use free Flip HTML5 to publish page turning brochures for personal purpose. The company offers different kinds of affordable software and service for both business and personal use. The London Free Press began as the Canadian Free Press, founded by William Sutherland in 1847. It is the largest newspaper in Southwestern Ontario outside of Toronto and is Western Ontario's main regional newspaper. Its roof is supported by what seem to be the huge branches of some giant, magical tree; Doha is nothing if not a modern architect’s playground.
The back office functions — production, sales, distribution — are handled through Bloomsbury UK. This overseas group was organized and coordinated by Nasser Jarrous of Jarrous Press in Lebanon, the hugely respected figure who has done so much to link the Arab publishing world with the west.
In the meantime, BQF has its own vision and that is to look beyond Qatar to the wider Arab world, and to seek out new voices and bring them to a wider public.
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The free plan, $0 per month and Gold Plan of $29 per month are attracting a lot of users.A  Flip HTML5 is helpful HTML5 page flipping book software that helps users publish engaging online flip magazine, e-newsletter, shopping catalog, user guide and brochure. Of course we have made the software to be used for both purposes of commercial and personal use. User can upload unlimited flip books online per month without any limitation on pages per book and storage and can also add Google Analytic to track published eBooks. It means that people who come to the library will find academic books and general books on the same shelf.
Director Arend Kuster is particularly pleased with its Q Science division, whose online material is now accessed from 170 countries and showing a very good growth rate. The software allows users to convert office file and pictures to flip books except PDF and make use of the page Editor to add multimedia including video, link, flash, audio, image, photo slideshow and button among others. In 1852, it was purchased for $500 by Josiah Blackburn, who renamed it The London Free Press and Daily Western Advertiser. We hope to move in later this year with some 400,000 volumes, 300,000 of which will be in English with the remainder in Arabic.
The publisher is also in discussions with Egyptian ebook retailer Katobi (owned by Vodafone) and is pleased that the rendering of Arabic font into digital is all but sorted (though Amazon has still not taken the plunge, according to Kuster).

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