When it comes to multi page layout, Adobe InDesign is the first choice of software for many professional designers. Here are two more special InDesign templates of brochure flyers for a daycare preschool center and a health and fitness center.
Another free bifold booklet type flyer brochure InDesign template from designfreebies.org, in A4 spread size. Free InDesign magazine template for general purpose magazines which can easily be customized for different types of magazine layouts. This set contains four designs for four different kinds of businesses — an architectural firm, food and beverage company, telecommunications company, and a yoga fitness studio. Choose from our extensive library of high-quality, affordably priced Microsoft Publisher templates.
Although Microsoft Publisher 2007 comes bundled with a large number of calendar templates, it’s always nice to have more designs from which to choose.
Step 1: Open Publisher, and select Calendars from the left-hand panel under Publication Types.
I am pleased to announce that the new Desktop Publishing Course is now available.  Scribus is free and open source software that is comparable to Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and MS Publisher.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Steve Czajka, the managing editor for GIMP Magazine, provides a review of self-publishing an international magazine. Upon payment confirmation you will be sent an email with the digital download link.  It is as simple as that!

Still not convinced?  Check out how Scribus is used to create professionally designed and printed brochures. This article will show you how to create professional brochures using completely free and open source software. This 26 minute HD video tutorial walks you through the basic steps to creating a brochure in Scribus while using GIMP and Inkscape for your graphics. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This A5 folded landscapte format template can also be used for booklet type magazine, portfolio, catalogue, and many other InDesign layout projects. These are fully customizable design files that you can download, edit text, colors and images. Page size is A4 and contains 4 basic pages (front, inside spread, back) with 3-column text. The folder is measured 220 mm by 305 mm per panel (folded size) or 680 mm by 395 mm spread (including middle pocket),  with a 1 cm thick spine which can hold plenty of document inserts. Designs are generic and contain only easy to modify text and vector graphics (vector files included). One great feature of Publisher, in general, is that Microsoft is continually adding new templates that can be downloaded from the Office Online web site.
This review covers the major steps to start up a magazine, build a following via social media, and provide amazing content.

This article uses a high-level approach to show you the overall steps to create a brochure, and some items to consider. Packaged rar file consists of the InDesign CS4 indd file, INX (interchange) file, fonts and link images. We’ll show how you can access and use these resources without ever having to open a web browser. Even nicer, the 2007 version of Publisher lets you access and download these templates without ever having to leave the Publisher application window. Steve shares the publishing workflow procedures that GIMP Magazine utilizes for each issue of the publication, typography style guides and several design considerations to creating a clean and appealing magazine layout. We will not discuss or review InDesign in details here but just trying to point out how phenomenal this software is when it comes to desktop publishing.
Keep in mind that GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus are similar to Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign® respectively. We are here to feature some of the best free Adobe InDesign templates for those of you stucked in a creative rut or just trying to find a quick way to do your design projects without spending a dime. Browse below after the jump and select from the different design categories we have, from brochures, flyers, newsletters, magazines and corporate ID materials.

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