Parlay develops and licenses flexible internet bingo and casino software products for the online gaming industry!
Expand your existing online games community through the addition of Parlaya€™s social bingo, social games content and associated game elements. Parlay offers enhancement solutions to your existing site, designed to entertain your web visitors with engaging content, rewards systems and interactive features. Parlay develops and licenses flexible internet bingo and casino software products for the online bingo and online gaming industry. Whether youa€™re looking to expand your existing operation through the integration of new games or require a complete gaming platform including back office management software, Parlay provides innovative product solutions and industry proven experience. More than just gaming software Parlay can assist your business team with the development of custom software solutions. Parlay offers stand alone software licences, plug and play games content, a social games platform extension and more to help bring your ideas to life. The Parlay platform features a modular suite of software components that can be assembled to provide solutions in a variety of business scenarios.
The Parlay software platform has been powering leading European online operators since 2004. Whether youa€™re looking for a complete standalone solution for your online business or looking to extend your existing operations with additional bingo and soft gaming content, Parlay has industry proven products that deliver success.
Since 1998 Parlay has been a leader in the development and licensing of online bingo solutions.
Parlay licenses a full suite of slot and casino games that can be integrated into your website. Parlay also has a number of 3rd party game providers integrated into our platform, further extending our product offering. The ability to manage your customers and their activity is just as important as providing content.
Enjoy the benefit of a hosted solution, managed by Parlay, with lower start-up costs, whereby you need not worry about hardware systems, data backup, ISPs, bandwidth and technical support staff.
Parlay provides social gaming software solutions for companies who are looking to execute on a free play, social gaming model or wish to operate within jurisdictions that do not tolerate internet gaming. Parlay can deliver its software through a hosted solution or we can integrate and deploy our software into your existing environment.
Parlay can license our full back office and games platform as a standalone system installed on your servers for pay to play gaming operations.
We can license and install our back office and games platform onto your servers in North America for use in a regulated or points based gaming environment. We can license and integrate our pay to play games platform which includes bingo and casino for installation within your environment in regulated jurisdictions. The Parlay platform supports numerous integrations with 3rd party content, affiliate, payment and email campaign systems. For existing operators Parlaya€™s games platform can be licensed separately to extend an existing operation with new interactive Bingo and games content.
Leveraging our flexible Game-API, the Parlay games platform can alternatively act as a games-hub to 3rd party game providers. Parlaya€™s Social Game Elements extend our existing games platform with the complimentary features which have become standard in todaya€™s popular social gaming environments.
Feature elements such as badges, social profiles, points, credits, trophies and achievements can be readily combined with our games to create and execute innovative product ideas. Parlaya€™s games and products are Facebook ready whether youa€™re looking to create a new Facebook app or extend your www site using Facebook connect. Our games, combined with our points and virtual currency framework, can be assembled into custom Facebook apps.
Parlay's innovative mobile games can be readily added to your website allowing your business unrestricted access through today's popular tablets and mobile devices. Since the late '90s, Parlay has had the privilege of working with a variety of gaming companies worldwide. With the RealBucks Go App, every time you check out a new app, watch a video or answer a poll, you’ll earn Real Bucks that can really add up! With April here, now’s the time to get in every entry you can for the Big $7,000 A Week For Life Special Early Look Prize Event On April 29th! Next, visit PCHlotto where you’ll get lots of ways to win on lotto cards you love, PLUS score an entry to Win $7,000 A Week For Life! After you’re done at PCHlotto, remember to search at PCHSearch&Win  and PCHFrontpage for additional $7,000 A Week For Life opportunities. Get your entry every day with just a few taps with The PCH App on your Android or iPhone device !
Perform a search on the PCHfrontpage App on your Android or iPhone  device for another shot at $7,000 A Week For Life, too. Don’t forget to use your Android or iPhone device to check out the PCHPlay&Win App for another shot to win!
And finish things off by going for a win again on the PCHlotto App, also available on your Android or iPhone device! Growing up on the Jersey Shore was a sensory delight of sights and sounds, activity and adventure. People play at PCH every day because of all the different ways you can WIN CASH and SCORE TOKENS. Token Games – Daily tournaments give gamers a shot at winning $100 CASH, and unlocking the Briefcase Bonus could win you $500 instantly! Slots – Another free daily tournament with a $100 CASH payout sets the stage, and in-game bonus opportunities could win you more than $10,000 instantly. Sweepstakes – Along with the $7,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize , PCH gives you 26 additional sweepstakes representing a potential prize payout of more than $10,000,000!
And, don’t forget PCH’s awesome Instant Win games – 11 awesome arcade and carnival games, each of which can bring you up to $1,000 CASH or 10,000 TOKENS! There’s plenty of fun to go around, so why not invite a few friends to join in, and you’ll all score big! Imagine this … You’re playing an awesome instant win game like Jigsaw Deluxe or Pro Gamer Prize Vault, or even Word Roundup.
Auto-Claim is now available across all PCH properties except the PCH Thank You Wheel and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook. There are always so many games to choose from – everything from casino and arcade to word, sports and strategy.
Bring the casino home with fun games like Frontier Fortunes, Aztec Wilds, Poseidon’s Palace, and Heaven’s Sevens.  Enjoy them all FREE and play any day, any time.
Do you have what it takes to become the Top Scorer or Top Token Earner in two of our most exciting games? The game goes by fast but believe me, the fun will last and last – and you won’t want to stop. Don’t forget — you could WIN FREE CASH and 2X Token Multipliers in every single tournament, so start playing now! It’s a pretty fast-paced environment here at Publishers Clearing House, so it’s not uncommon for someone to ask, “Hey do you have a minute?” And I say, “Sure, what’s up?” because I always have time for my coworkers.
However, when I have a minute to myself, I click over to the PCH Token Games and head straight for Minute Mania. Token Toss takes a touch of skill as you need to gauge power and direction to successfully toss tokens toward a pot of gold.
Mahjongg Minute is a mini matching game that features the Prize Patrol’s famous faces, as well as other PCH “winning moment” images. Tri-Peaks Rush takes a classic card game and turns up the intensity as the clock counts down from :60.
All three Minute Mania games test your hand-eye coordination because the quicker you click or the faster you tap, the better your score.

So the next time someone asks if you have a minute, you might just take that minute and be in it to win it – go for the top token tally and the Briefcase Bonus, which could win you $500 CASH instantly!
Publishers Clearing House, or PCH, is one of the best-known direct marketing companies on the planet.
Founded over 60 years ago, PCH is one of the oldest and most controversial marketing companies in America. Publishers Clearing House is a direct marketing company which sells products and magazine subscriptions by enticing customers with sweepstakes, contests, lottery sites, and other incentives. The company was founded in 1953 by Harold Mertz, who envisioned an end to the traditional method of door-to-door magazine subscription sales.
Publishers Clearing House is considered one of America’s most controversial companies because of the way it advertises its contests: at some point, every state in America has sued Publishers Clearing House over allegations that the company misled customers about the odds of winning the sweepstakes – specifically in regards to how much certain purchases increased customers’ chances of winning. In 2012, Publishers Clearing House claims that it earned $750 million in revenue, up from $705 million the year before.
After signing up, you can choose to check a few boxes to receive notifications of prize draws and sweepstakes. Every visitor sees three $100,000 prize amounts appear in the scratch card, making them think they’ve won a lot of money.
At the next page, you’ll see a contest where you click on a target to “reveal the EXTRA SAVINGS!” Clicking on any target gives you a steep discount on magazine purchases. At the next page, you’ll be greeted with yet another offer: typically, this is a travel offer which promises an exciting vacation to an exotic destination. After signing up for Publishers Clearing House, you’ll begin receiving between 3 and 10 emails per day from PCH. At the same time, PCH will send 3 to 10 pieces of mail to your physical mailbox every month. There’s also a token leaderboard where you can see the highest-ranking users who have won the most tokens on a daily basis.
When you try to redeem your tokens, you may be disappointed by the redeemable items available. There are about a dozen more similar prizes, including gift cards, coffee makers, tablets, TV equipment, and cooking sets.
Ultimately, you’re spending your tokens just to enter into more contests which you have an extremely low percentage of winning. This is where people get hooked on Publishers Clearing House: the games are genuinely fun to play. Adding to the problem is that the games are ridiculously easy: 5 seconds of clicking around in Sunken Treasure will get you 1000 points and an extra entry into a $250 prize draw. You also receive additional token bonuses based on how many games you play: playing 5+ games will net you a 5% token bonus. In addition to he three “daily win” games, there are dozens of other games in categories like Arcade, Card, Casino, Sports, Strategy, Trivia, and Word.
All of the above reviews were written and posted in January, 2015 and can be viewed at their original source here. There are also a number of reviews claiming that the people who win the big cash prize draws are not real people, although that claim is difficult to verify.
PCH isn’t a traditional scam: it won’t steal your money or give you a low-quality, misrepresented product.
However, PCH has been repeatedly accused of misrepresenting the actual chances of winning anything through the size.
The vast majority of people who sign up for the site, however, will win absolutely nothing – even the people who spend hours diligently watching ads, playing games, using the sponsored search engine, and even buying PCH-affiliated products.
If lotteries and games of chance appeal to you, then Publishers Clearing House is the site for you. When you look at Publishers Clearing House reviews online, you’ll see two types of people: negative reviewers who claim they’ve never won any money from PCH, and suspiciously-positive reviewers who claim to have won thousands of dollars. The fact is: the vast majority of people will never win any money on Publishers Clearing House.
With all that in mind, Publishers Clearing House is a great website for people who have lots of time on their hands and enjoy playing online games in pursuit of small rewards. Want Expert Ways To Make Money Online?Get 3 Free 'Elite Expert Excerpts' For SUCCE$$ that will create profitable income streams via our (1) Digital Domain Domination (2) Keyword Kings & (3) Freedom Flowchart trainings! Choose from outrageous instant win games like Word Roundup Frenzy, Prize Patrol Party and, my own personal favorite, Addiction Solitaire! Take all our Casino-exciting games for a spin and you could win big money with just one click! Play your cards right at our “virtual croupier table” and you could collect up to $25,000 instantly! Then, you can enjoy high-rolling casino action – and maybe win a BIG cash jackpot – wherever you go, whether you’re stuck in a checkout line or waiting for the spin cycle. I’ve been playing since 1977 by mail (do you know what that is?) I won a dollar about 20 years ago!
Publisher's Clearing House -- that omnipresent direct marketing company that occasionally shows up at people's houses with oversized checks -- has launched a new game on Facebook called Bingo Charms. The game, created in partnership with NYC-based developer Arkadium, is a far cry from the bingo played in retirement homes and church basements. Since this is a social game, Bingo Charms has a few social components built in -- though it feels a little limited at the moment.
Expand your existing operation or establish a new interactive bingo community by leveraging the Parlay software suite of games and business tools. At ita€™s core, the Parlay platform features a comprehensive back office framwork which serves as a customer account management and reporting system. Our modular product design enables easy integration into existing back office platforms and our broad support for 3rd party vendors allows extended availability of games, content and services. Our award winning bingo system includes support for all international standards including 75, 90 and 80 number formats. The games can be used for websites that feature social play or they can be used as part of a regulated pay for play gaming operation. Parlaya€™s HouseEdge management reporting tool provides a comprehensive suite of reports and controls to allow you to manage your game content, track customer activity and analyze your business performance. Our software can be readily deployed to your existing environment for you to operate independently.
Our back office platform readily supports points based and virtual currency gaming solutions, which can be delivered by website, Facebook or through mobile apps. Then, you can redeem them for free gift cards from your favorite stores like, Walmart, Target, GameStop and more! When you do, you’ll be joining a like-minded online community of RealBucks-loving folks who want to win as much as you do! Use that smart phone for something SMART… enter to Win $7,000 A Week For Life every day and you could become our big winner on April 29th! Each day, everything seemed new again and it was a rush of excitement figuring out what to do first. The Realbucks Go App, powered by Publishers Clearing House, is available for FREE on all Android devices!
Every time you check out a new app, watch a video, answer a poll, whatever it is, you’ll earn Real Bucks that can really add up FAST.
Your favorite TV and film stars, music stars and those big names making the headlines are all here with a few clicks, and it’s all up-to-the-minute for you! In fact, when your friend downloads & opens their first app or game you’ll both earn 150 Real Bucks that you can then use toward some of those exciting free gift cards we talked about. Imagine winning that kind of money… $5,000 checks coming in week after week would sure add up fast! The sooner you use it, the sooner you could be earning those Real Bucks for free gift cards that you get to choose!

If you get this message while playing a PCH instant win game, it means you’ve won instantly at PCH!
Choose Instant Win Games or choose Token Games — they’re all FREE to play whenever you like, 24 hours a day. Check it out now! That’s why they can’t get enough of the PCH Lotto Blast App for nonstop number picking action.
You’ll notice these lucky winners come from all over the country — west, east, north, south and everywhere in between!  Just keep playing and you might see YOUR name on next month’s winners list! Because Token Toss is all about getting tokens into the pot of gold, and seeing how many points you can score in under a minute. These three games – Token Toss, Mahjongg Minute, and Tri-Peaks Rush – give me an instant burst of excitement. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Publishers Clearing House today in our review. Instead of one vendor going door-to-door selling one magazine, Mertz wanted one vendor selling multiple magazine subscriptions by mail. Your eyes are bombarded by different prize offers and there are an overwhelming number of sweepstakes to enter. At the next page, you’ll see a “scratch and win” ticket which claims that you can win $100,000 if you see the same three matching prize numbers appear when you scratch the card. You’ll also see a message confirming your entry into the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.
You’ll see a number of offers you can complete in order to increase your chances of winning certain sweepstakes. These emails contain links to various products that PCH wants you to buy, or to certain games and sweepstakes. Typically, this mail contains offers for cheap magazine subscriptions and reminders to visit the website. You can’t redeem your tokens for any actual products: instead, you need to redeem your tokens to enter a contest to win certain products.
20+ games is a 10% token bonus, and 50+ games is a 25% token bonus plus access to the Pro Gamer Vault. You play these games, earn tokens based on your score, and eventually progress through the ranks. Spin the wheel, and it will slowly move past real cash prizes (making it look like you’re about to win) before settling on a smaller number of tokens.
The games are too fun and have way too many incentives to continue – like free tokens and entries into real cash prize draws.
If you need to search for something on the internet, Publishers Clearing House recommends doing so with their built-in search engine.
They’re also a “Shopping” section of the search engine where you’re directed to affiliated retailers. Different cards appear on your screen, and you “scratch off” (click on) the numbers you want to pick.
As you progress through each scratch card, you’ll view advertisements for different PCH sponsors. If you devote hours of time to the site and jump through all the hoops, then you might win a $20 gift card.
Rack up the matching winning balls, and you could take away terrific prizes, just like our January winners! Your entries have the same chances of winning as every other entry so don’t lose hope. Instead of the traditional number calling, numbers are unveiled by clicking fruit on a virtual tree that sits at the top of the game screen. You can visit friends who also play the game and pick up numbers that can be used when needed in your bingo games. The Parlay Back office has all of the required features to support both eGambling and Social gaming operations however the system can also be used by any online business that requires a flexible customer account management system with financial reporting and ecommerce.
The configuration options for bingo are second to none and the flexibility of our design provides unlimited customization. That’s right, LIKE the RealBucks Fan Page on Facebook to get daily reminders within your newsfeed to use both apps to claim your RealBucks every day. If so, then you’ll also unlock Danielle’s Token Surprise and score a big deposit into your token bank. If you haven’t checked out this amazing app for yourself, download it now to your Android device. That’s right, it’s the place to download free apps, watch cool videos and more, and all the while earn Real Bucks that you can use toward Free Gift Cards! That’s because now, when you complete all of the daily poll questions, you will be entered to win our incredible $5,000.00 A Week For Life PCH sweepstakes!
You pay off some bills, or better yet, splurge on something you’ve always wanted to buy but couldn’t afford!
And comment below if you receive an Auto-Claim message telling you that you’ve won instantly at PCH! If you win any prize over $600, you’ll also be asked to fill out an Affidavit of Eligibility. And don’t forget, your first lotto card every day gives you a shot at the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $2,000,000.00!
Watching a video from certain sponsors will earn you two entries into a $15,000 draw, for example.
With thousands of people entering multiple times, your chances of winning anything are slim. The review page for PCH is filled with over 1,300 reviews from people who claim to be real PCH users.
Card-holders can increase their luck by purchasing special power-ups (or 'charms' as they're called in the game) using the two in-game currencies -- Ladybugs and Leprechaun Gold. There's a gifting area in the game that's marked as 'coming soon,' and that's about as social as it gets. If you are in the market for a flexible bingo solution for either pay for play or social play, Parlay has the solution. You’ll find lots of fun activities to keep you engaged as you start earning fantastic rewards. Choose from a huge selection, including Walmart, Target, CVS, GameStop, Regal Cinemas, Domino’s, Applebee’s … the list goes on!
You could find out if you’ve won instantly, and shortly afterward, discover that “the check is in the mail”! You now have 2 minutes to clear the table by clicking on cards that are one-up, one-down or the same as the previous card! Make sure you enter as often as you can as every entry is another chance that you could become a lucky winner. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock different types of cards and more power-ups. It makes sense -- what kind of Publisher's Clearing House-branded game wouldn't give away prizes?
As you know, we’re always awarding as many prizes as we can, and the month of October proved to be a very rewarding month for lots of grateful gamers on our ever-popular sites like PCHGames, PCHlotto, PCH InstantBingo, PCHBlackjack, the PCH Lotto Blast app, and the PCH Play&Win app! So, for example, if you start with a Queen then you can either pick a King (one-up) or a Jack (one-down) or another Queen to progress… and so on, and so on. Winners are listed in the game, and it looks like most of them have been walking away with $5 or $10 Amazon gift codes.

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