The FileMaker database has been around since 1985, first for the Mac and then for Windows, moving from being a simple flat-file system to a more powerful development tool. Calculated fields are simpler than writing scripts, but you can also call them in a FileMaker script. The new scripting IDE is a welcome improvement; instead of having to double-click on every script to open it separately before you can start editing, there's a simple layout with all your scripts on the left, all the steps you can use in a script on the right and the inline editing window in the middle. FileMaker Server has always let you share database solutions with other users who have FileMaker or, in recent versions, via desktop web browsers. There's a new tool for adding button bars and navigation toolbars that show the layouts you want users to have access to, that automatically resize when you rotate the device and even have a default button active.
The new Launch Center works on mobile devices as well as desktops, with big, brightly coloured, finger-friendly icons for all the databases you have access to.
Windows: FileMaker Server requires Internet Information Services (IIS), which will be enabled when you install FileMaker Server. For Custom Web Publishing with PHP, FileMaker Server requires a PHP engine to respond to requests from the web server and to process PHP code. Hosts the databases that you share with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users and publish on the web. When you deploy FileMaker Server across two machines, one machine is always the master and the other is a worker. The master communicates with the worker to handle database requests from users, configure the settings on all machines, and monitor the status and activity of all components.
Important: To enhance the security of your database solution, especially on the Internet, consider using a firewall on the public side of a FileMaker Server deployment.
The type of deployment you should use depends primarily on the web publishing load, as summarized in the table below. You can deploy FileMaker Server on one machine in two ways: Database Server only or Database Server and Web Publishing Engine. Benefits: This is the easiest deployment to set up and administer, if you don't need web publishing. Note Even when web publishing is disabled, FileMaker Server requires a web server to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks.
You can install Database Server, the Web Publishing Engine, and all of the associated software components on the same machine as the web server. Benefits: This is the simplest deployment with web publishing and the one that most FileMaker Server users will use. You can deploy FileMaker Server across two machines: the Web Publishing Engine, web server, and Web Server Module on one machine and the Database Server on a second machine. Benefits: This deployment separates all of the web publishing-related components from the Database Server.
Note: In addition to the web server on the worker machine used for web publishing, FileMaker Server also requires a web server on the master machine to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks.
FileMaker Server 15's End User License Agreement (EULA) requires that the license only be installed on dedicated servers.
When you host with us, you share our license of whatever FileMaker Server version you need.
Just wanted to write a quick note to say THANK YOU for your superior customer service today.
I have worked with Filemaker hosting companies for 20 years (since the dark ages of CDML programming). Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for the support prior to my setting up with you. About UsSince 1999 our focus has only been on FileMaker Hosting and providing the best possible network and value added features to support your database hosting needs. FileMaker Pro hosting maakt het mogelijk uw database op een veilige centrale plek op te slaan en voor diverse apparaten via een beveiligde verbinding inzichtelijk te maken.
De alles-in-een oplossing voor toegang op afstand en support via het internet door de CARD specialisten. CARD Solutions biedt oplossingen op het gebied van websites, databases (FileMaker) en Apps. FileMaker Pro 11, the latest version of the Mac database software, was officially released Tuesday, packing in improved chart visuals, "on the fly" reporting, a new Quick Find capability, and a number of productivity tools that aim to make database creation simpler and quicker. FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple, revealed the latest version, which it said delivers many new features for creating professional solutions quickly.
FileMaker Pro 11 offers a selection of dynamic professional-quality charts (pie, bar, area, and line), allowing users to visualize, evaluate and report on data within a new or existing layout.

FileMaker Charts can also be published to the web using FileMaker Pro Instant Web Publishing. FileMaker Pro 11 provides a variety of new tools to help boost productivity and enable users to build and use databases more easily. FileMaker Pro 11 also delivers innovative new ways to collaborate with its unique Snapshot Link that flags a specific set of records at a point in time, preserving the same layout, view and sort order. The Snapshot Link file can be emailed to anyone who has FileMaker Pro 11 for easy collaboration. New in FileMaker Server 11 is an Enhanced Statistics View that provides detailed visibility into FileMaker Pro clients to help diagnose potential issues. The new Backup File Clone allows administrators to save an empty version of any database to help preserve the schema and architecture of a file while troubleshooting. FileMaker Server 11 Advanced no longer limits the number of users that can simultaneously access files over the network and allows managers to securely assign access privileges to groups of users. The last update to the database software came in early 2009, with Filmeaker 10 Pro dubbed as a "breakthrough" release featuring a dramatic redesign to the software's interface. After three years of working with Filemaker databases, and Filemakers almost comical web publishing tools I decided to create a framework to actually publish filemaker data onto the web. At the Pitt Rivers Museum I've been fortunate enough to work on their last five research projects, all centering around Filemaker as a data source. After much research and programming I have now invented the FEDWEB (Filemaker Engine for Distributing Website Easy Builder).
Monitoring your web site is incredibly important if you are to really to make the most of your resources. Web site structures and designs should always take into account users of Google, yup that's everyone who uses the web. Freelance web designer in Oxford using web standards for accessible future proofed websites. There's a lot of help for writing scripts, including syntax highlighting, line numbering, text colouring in comments, dialogues that pop up to help you get each script step right (including lists of fields when you pick a table to work with), in-line help for script steps and automatic command completion (as well as command lookup). It's also what powers the iOS viewer and editor, FileMaker Go, but an Android version has been missing. The 140 included button icons -- from cogs for settings and envelope icons for sending mail to multiple styles of navigation arrow -- save a lot of time for building common navigation options, and you can still add your own as PNGs. Instead, you publish to FileMaker Server and then open it on a device to see what it looks like.
You can choose from about 30 icons (all with the distinct iOS style) to represent your database when you choose whether to add it to the launch centre when you publish it to FileMaker Server, and users can mark databases as favourites to find them more easily. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. In a multiple-machine deployment, the machine running the Database Server is called the master machine. For a greater web publishing load, you may want to use two machines in your FileMaker Server deployment. This configuration is suitable for small deployments (up to 50 FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients) and limited web publishing. Under most conditions, this configuration is the highest performing FileMaker Server deployment.
There’s no server software to purchase and we do not charge extra for WebDirect or FM Go Connections!
Connect over the air via WiFi or the mobile data network for access to your data from anywhere. With Remote Backup, included in the Standard and Premium plans, your backups are not just saved on our server, but they are also pushed directly to you every time a backup is made. I am REALLY impressed by the ease of hosting, the simplicity of your plans and the great cost effectiveness and rich packages you offer. You allow me to focus on development and service knowing that my clients’ data is secure, backed up and easily accessed. CARD Solutions heeft de expertise, geschikte hardware en voldoende bandbreedte in huis om voor u FileMaker Pro te hosten. Indien u binnen 30 dagen laat weten niet tevreden te zijn, dan kunt u FileMaker hosting weer opzeggen en uw geld terug krijgen.
Bel ons op 038 423 35 36 of vul het formulier aan de rechterzijde in en wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met u op!
Al sinds 1997 levert CARD Solutions maatwerk oplossingen waardoor u zich op uw corebusiness kunt focussen.

For example, users can add a pie chart tab within a FileMaker Pro layout to see their sales depicted graphically any way they chose – weekly, monthly, regionally and more. FileMaker Pro 11 users can now easily create "on the fly" Quick Reports in a familiar spreadsheet-like format to easily set up subtotals and totals similar to pivot tables in spreadsheets.
From any Filemaker database it is now possible to create websites such as the Southern Sudan Project, Tibet Album and the currently under construction Pitt Rivers English Collection Map technology, all are powered by the FEDWEB software. You can use labels in fields that disappear when users start typing, to give them hints how to fill in records -- the kind of thing that would need scripts on a web page, but is just built into FileMaker. The operating systems of the machines can be all Windows, all OS X, or a combination of the two. You can first deploy on one machine and, if the load increases over time, you can change the deployment later to use two machines. Utilizing the power of FileMaker Server 14, we give you advanced capabilities for your business. Our FileMaker Cloud Platform automatically selects the FileMaker Cloud Server with the least load for your database so you always get lightning fast access to your data.
Every night a live snapshot of your database is taken and archived and made available in your control panel for immediate download. The price you offer along with the on-demand customer support is why I recommend that clients host with you and I don’t bother maintaining my own servers ( why should I when I have FMPHost? CARD Solutions biedt verschillende FileMaker hostingpakketten aan voor een vast bedrag per maand. FileMaker Server 11 is $999, $599 upgrade, and FileMaker Server 11 Advanced is $2,999, $1,799 upgrade. You can now have up to 100 users opening the same WebDirect database at once instead of only 50, and FileMaker says it's also faster. Similarly, it's easy to use conditional formatting in the graphical interface to turn a button green when you click it, or grey it out if the fields haven't all been filled in.
If you want to restrict access to specific users, you manage that in FileMaker when you publish the database.You can mark a database as a favourite in the new Launch Center, which works on phones and tablets as well as on Mac and Windows. The VAT rate for Electronic Software Downloads and other FileMaker products classified as services under local law will be at the rate applicable to the country where the customer belongs. Features like FileMaker WebDirect let you share your database easily and effortlessly with anyone using a web browser inside and outside of your organization. FMPHost supports emailing your backup as an attachment, transferring it to your FTP server or placing it into your Dropbox folder.
But it's the new design tools that make the most difference for using FileMaker databases on mobile devices.Building a mobile web version of your database just means creating phone and tablet layouts with options like resizing button bars. Get the most out of your FileMaker solution and investment by using FileMaker Server 14 at FMPHost. As an additional measure of protection, FMPHost also sends your backups to a second server facility to insure that your data survives natural disasters, fires and other unforeseeable issues. Ook voor FileMaker Pro versies 7, 8, 9 ,10, 11, 12 en voor FileMaker server hosting bent u bij CARD Solutions aan het juiste adres.
You can even show and hide objects using scripts; if you're building a workflow app, for example, you could add a speech bubble next to the name of anyone who's updated the record before, so you know who has left comments. As you'd expect from an Apple subsidiary, the mobile features are better for iOS, but you get a good range of features that work in any browser and the Android support is welcome. New features for FileMaker Server 14 include a password security indicator and simpler password reset tools, plus having FileMaker Pro and Advanced automatically reconnect to the server after you lose the connection. There's also a command-line option for switching all your FileMaker users over to a standby server if your main server goes down, which takes up to a minute. You can lock the screen to portrait or landscape if your layout needs to work in a specific orientation, and signature fields now work in both landscape and portrait (you can still only use those in FileMaker Go, not in WebDirect).
You can also use scripts to control whether the on-screen keyboard opens or not -- if you're getting people to pick from a list, you won't want the keyboard to appear, for example. Now you can put it in a window, allowing you to script useful features like tagging fields that users fill in with the video frame they were watching. This feature, in conjunction with new audio and video controls that let you choose the offset and play time, would allow you to script ten seconds of video playback around the relevant frame when someone else selects that field, making it easy to let people comment on videos and audios.
Again, this is something that would be very complex to code in other tools.Publishing a database to FileMaker Server lets you choose who has access, on the web or via FileMaker Go.

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