Publishing your Dreamweaver site is the exciting part, where all your hard work goes on show to the world, so lets make this bit as easy as possible for you. You will also need to use the Control Panel to Unlock your FTP before you Publish your Dreamweaver site to your new Web Hosting. Once you have all your FTP details to hand and you have Unlocked your FTP using this guide if required, you can return to Dreamweaver as we are ready to add the new settings for Publishing your site. This will open a new window where any sites you have created using Dreamweaver will be listed. Another new window will now open and this is where we are going to make the necessary changes to link to our servers, or the server of your own Web Host.
Click on the Servers tab on the left hand side to reveal the current servers. You can remove any previous servers using the minus icon, then click on + to add our new one. Your password will be displayed in the Welcome Email or available from within your Control Panel. If you now use a web browser to visit your domain name and view your site LIVE on the internet, you should see your site has been uploaded and is displaying correctly. Remember that your home page should be called index.html as this is the default page displayed by the web server.
From our 10+ years in building websites we bring you some useful ideas and tips for designing effective and high quality websites.
If you are a beginner-to-intermediate level designer we recommend you read our articles on Design Concepts and Web Design Basics first.
Its extremely important to be fully aware of the ultimate goals to be achieved via your created site design. Some design elements greatly enhance the look and user experience of your web site and create a positive first impression. Give Priority to the Website User's Needs design for the users of the website and see things from a visitor's perspective while designing.
Use Clear, Maintainable and Easy Navigation so the website is easy to use for both the visitor and webmaster. Design for all Screen Resolutions - Design your website in such a way that it looks inviting to everyone.

Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility - Design your website in such a way that it is usable by everyone. Optimize Load Time: Make sure your load time is low and test for your website's performance often. Use Server and Client caching of your web page static content (Images, JS, CSS and HTML files). Set Expires Header - The optimal expiry time for your static content is 'more than 7 days'. Minify CSS and JS code - remove all spaces, comments and line breaks from your CSS and javascript files.
Ensure a Scalable and Reliable Website - Get a reliable web host and make sure the website design allows for future enhancements.
No matter how experienced you get in web design, when it comes to creating a new and more novel design than your previous, every designer looks for inspiration - consciously or unconsciously - be it from the real world around us (from nature or objects), other talented designers or from other visual media.
In the next couple of weeks we will be publishing our list of inspirational website designs - overall and for specific elements. Website design inspiration from Dreamweaver Templates: Our ready-to-deploy simple yet unique website templates are sure to give you many ideas. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML websites and mobile apps.
NEVER publish sensitive information (such as social security numbers, credit card data, FERPA protected data, or HIPAA protected data) on the web!
OIT Help Desk provides support for technical issues with NetFile (connecting and updating files) but cannot assist with website code or content updates. Marketing Communications provides support for website design, development, and content at an hourly fee. The University of Notre Dame protects its trademarks and has adopted brand standards to support a consistent, recognizable experience for visitors to our websites.
We are going to need some of those settings to configure Dreamweaver to publish directly to your new web hosting without the need for any third party FTP Clients.
You may see a couple or warnings that you are going to upload your entire site and overwrite an existing index.html file or something similar, but this will all depend on your own sites construction.

Without hindering a website's usability (simple and quick access to information, services or products), a web designer's ultimate aim for a website's design is to reach the optimal balance between its attractiveness (targeted look-and-feel with necessary design effects), load time considerations (optimizing design elements for reasonable web page size) and user friendliness (easy-to-use navigation and user interactions plus well laid-out easily readable content) - without entirely compromising on either of them.
CSS considerably reduces file size apart from giving greater control over the look of your website. Includes once called from the web server reside in its cache so on subsequent requests they load faster.
As our eyes go about doing this job, all we need is a developed knack for, learning from and building on every tiny idea, to, assimilating them in creating a new original design.
Displayed below are a few design ideas for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Use Fluid Grid Layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create adaptive layouts. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Google offers a web publishing platform that all Notre Dame students, staff, faculty, and departments can use. In addition, you will find a wealth of resources about copyright that may help you understand how to respect and protect copyrights with your website. The right approach will depend on what information you intend to collect and how you want to implement it with your website.
If you get an error, go back and check those settings and ensure your FTP is still unlocked.
Please feel free to suggest web sites whose overall look or particular design elements are impressive so we can include them (with credits to the designer if known).
Due to usability issues and limitations with storage space, this service may not meet the needs of most users. Services such as Google Forms, Qualtrics, SharePoint, or custom-coded HTML forms should meet your needs.

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