This article covers different configuration scenarios of the new FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0. Both topics will cover configuring FTP using the GUI and the command line management tools.
The use of FTP can be different depending on the usage and the requirement for FTP in the organization. There are numerous of ways to configure a new FTP site with IIS 7.0 and the new FTP Publishing Service, it is now possible to change or add an ftp site directly in the configuration xml files or by using scripting.
The first part of this section will cover configuring FTP “the GUI way” using IIS Manager and in the end I will cover configuring FTP using the command line interface. Start the IIS Manager found at Start – Administrative Tools – Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager. Enter the IP address information for the FTP Site and binding on port, use default FTP port 21. As something new with FTP Publishing Service, it now support virtual host naming, which is the same as using host headers on website.
SSL is also a new feature supported by FTP Publishing Service, by combining SSL and FTP, the server is providing FTPS support. Set the Authentication to anonymous to provide anonymous access to the new ftp site used as example in this article.
Add the Authorization settings used for the ftp site, set it to “Anonymous users” and Read (only) permissions. There are numerous ways of configuring the users for an ftp site in a secure way and it is not recommended to use anonymous level of authentication for production. With IIS 7.0 and the new FTP 7, it is now possible to script and automate a lot of management of IIS and FTP. With IIS 7.0 and the new FTP Publishing Service it is now possible to add FTP to an existing website, directly from within the IIS Manager. With the new FTP Publishing Service it is easy to publish a FTP to an already existing website and this can be done directly within the IIS Manager. IP Address: Choose the IP address for your new FTP site, this can be either “All Unassigned” or you can enter the IP address or chose from the pull down menu.

Virtual Name: It is now possible to use host header for a FTP site, as we know from host headers on web sites and from my first example above.
Select Basic or Anonymous authentication method for your ftp site, it is not recommended to use anonymous. The article described how to configure a new FTP site and how to add FTP Publishing to an existing website. The next article in this series will cover FTP security and how to secure the FTP Publishing Service.
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TechGenix Ltd is an online media company which sets the standard for providing free high quality technical content to IT professionals. Microsoft command line tool for deploying, synchronizing and packaging web applications, content and configuration settings to IIS Web Servers. I'm using msdeploy.exe to deploy packages from a build server and the deployment copies all the files each time. How to share parameters configuration between VS publish profile and MSDeploy SetParameters.xml? I want to replace the connectionString in the web.config of a hosted iis service at a remote computer with msdeploy and powershell.

I am trying to execute MSdeploy.exe using c# dotnet and while I run the code I am getting an exception under main module saying A 32 bit processes cannot access modules of a 64 bit process. I want to deploy the dotnet packaged code to IIS using MSdeploy.exe, and need to know how to configure a parameters file and use it to deploy the code. To travel 30 km from India to Sri Lanka, do I really have to take a 1500 km, 20 hour detour? The prerequisites of this article is that the FTP Publishing Service is already installed on Windows Server 2008.
In case you know what you are doing and if your application might need to use another port than the default one, you can change it here. By selecting a SSL certificate during configuration, the FTP Site is made available as a secure site, so all traffic will be encrypted. This section will describe how to accomplish creating and configuring the same new FTP site as above, just using command line and scripting instead.
Test the ftp connection by connecting to the server IP address or on the server using localhost. The configuration was done using the IIS Manager and also showed that it can be done through the new command line interface appcmd.exe.
Part 1 of this article series covered how to download and install the new version of the FTP Publishing Service. In the above example it should be “Allow SSL”, since there is no SSL certificate for this ftp site. He is currently specializing in Unified Communications (Exchange & Office Communication Server), IIS and Directory Services. Both needs to be installed to provide the connection and commands for managing IIS 7.0 and FTP 7 using PowerShell.

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