FTP (File transfer protocol) is used for transferring files between computers and was the primary method of uploading web pages to the Internet. However understanding how it works and how to use it may be necessary when doing manual WordPress installs, and if you develop a website using a desktop based client like Dreamweaver.
There are many FTP programs available both as Freeware, Shareware and standard commercial ones. Unless you are familiar with using the command prompt then it is best to avoid the command line versions. You will often find that the server names are different when you are using FTP, as they are when you are using HTTP. The normal convention is that FTP servers have a name starting with FTP and HTTP servers have a name starting with WWW. In reality what we are talking about is the same server and folder, just being accessed via a different protocol. If you use Firefox browser then you may also want to look at FireFTP which is an add-on to the browser.
This is often called web ftp and is much simpler than traditional ftp in that you don’t require to install and configure an ftp client. Although it is easier to use that standard ftp it tends to be slower, but that is not normally a problem, as you mostly only upload a couple of pages at a time.
We are very excited to announce the latest website design and the new working relationship with Red Giant Publishing. Red Giant Publishing contracted Creative Beast just before the Christmas holidays in 2013 to design their brand identity and eCommerce website.  A new business within the publishing industry, created simply because, as music fans themselves, they feel that fans deserve better. Working closely with Red Giant Publishing, Creative Beast have created a website along with our web developers (Weblator) to help Red Giant sell limited edition prints and publications to dedicated music fans across the world. Since graduating from Northampton University in 1998 Stuart McDowell has worked for some highly regarded design agencies specialising in the Automotive and Fashion industries.
Group publishers with both industry and consumer audience segments that span multi-publication brands and channels require both a web design and user experience that can differentiate the title in a group as well as elevate the magazine’s website above other online destinations within the brand niche. What should your e-commerce website look like?When it comes to e-commerce websites, you need to put extra emphasis on design because every element in your website can influence a visitor’s decision to make a purchase. If the products that you are selling on your site are poorly presented to the visitors, there is a high chance that they leave your website.

When it comes to ecommerce websites, the visitors are looking for a simplified shopping experience.
Design a hover for the cart button, which helps visitors find out about their subtotal and give them an option to check-out.
Design a movable header with the cart button on it so that it becomes easy for the visitors to check their shopping status. Don’t you just love those websites where you are looking for a certain product and you get a list of suggestions of more products in that category?
Add a simple search bar to your website to make it easy for the visitors to look for products by typing in keywords. Due to the increased competition in e-commerce businesses, you really need to amp-up your game to stand-out and increase sales. Our website designs are creative, unique, easy to use and updated, each specifically tailored to your business needs.
If you make a mistake you can easily overwrite, or remove files on you site which you may not wish to do. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.Click here to see our Cookie and Privacy Policy. Red Giant Publishing will produce beautiful, unique, handcrafted publications.  Their love of music is a passionate and personal feeling, and they want to replicate that feeling through their publications. Red Giant has some very exciting plans for the future and due to the success of our great website design and we are proud to have been asked to work with Red Giant Publishing to design & create the publications to be sold through the website. He has vast design experience in print and has provided creative direction and design solutions on a diverse range of projects. If you have a poorly designed website, visitors will not stay on it more than a couple of seconds. The products that you have for sale should look attractive; this means that you need to use high quality images on your website. If you don’t want visitors to turn their backs on your website, try to design a simple website with products organized in their respective categories.
This helps improve customer experience and makes it easy for your visitors to find the exact products that they are looking for.
We provide you with digital design, web development, animation, and e-commerce development depending on the unique characteristics of your business.

We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Red Giant Publishing will create books, and other memorabilia, which fans will want to treasure as much as they treasure their albums, ticket stubs and memories. He has produced some memorable advertising campaigns in the Automotive industry and has been part of a team which produced some of the best brand and livery design in Formula 1 and World Super Bikes. This means that they will turn to your competitors’ websites, helping give more business to them. Furthermore, offer more value to your visitors by adding multiple pictures of every product to give them a better idea of what the product looks like. Look at some web design tips that will help your visitors enjoy hassle-free shopping on your website. Simply create your web page in the editor exactly how you want it to look and it will then generate the HTML code for you. This not only makes you lose potential customers but also affects your reputation in the industry.
This program makes web creation as easy as typing a letter in a word processor.FTP Site ManagerWith this software, all the sites you have specified in your Publishing Settings can be browsed in a sidebar. Therefore, if you really want to do exceedingly well in the online world, you need to start focusing on your website’s design. Let’s take a look at some design tips that you can use to enhance the look of your ecommerce website. It is also possible to filter files and show all files, or only HTML documents or image files. The browsing area also allows to show for each file its size and the date of last modification.
We will never sell you counterfeit items or those that deliberately infringe copyright or registered trademarks.
The products we sell are either licensed under the GNU, GPL, or GPL agreement which grants us the right to distribute and sell these products.

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