With the release of Visual Studio 2013, now we can Create, Publish & Monitor Windows Azure websites from within Visual Studio itself without opening Windows Azure portal. In Create Site on Windows Azure dialog, Provide necessary website detail and click on Create. It will open browser and we can see default homepage for newly created website as displayed in below image.
Here we can see that output window is capturing and displaying website log in real time manner. There is no formal build and publishing process for Websites in Visual Studio 2010, it is really a set of files and folders. It show you the preview of files before publishing and it also contains a column action which tell whether it is Add\Update\Delete. The main difference between publishing a web project  in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 is , In VS 2010 publish settings files is tightly associated with the build-configuration file. This ready made logo will be customized with your business name and a tagline within 24 hours for $99. The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.
When we are talking about productivity, managing the external dependencies of a project (installing, updating and removing dlls, script files etc.) can be time consuming.
Use a shortcut for Build ActionAlthough this is pretty trivial and probably you already doing that, I am mentioning it nevertheless, because it feels really important.
When a developer spends 8 or more hours every day looking at the screen of VS, it's essential to feel comfortable against the UI. Smart Tag is a little line that appears when an action is available for that particular piece of code. Intending your code especially when you are writing an XML-like language can also be time-consuming. I mostly sure that the naming is correct, but I am certain that if you are doing TDD this could be very useful. If you are using VS for Web Development, then it's essential to assign a shortcut for publishing.
Visual studio is a great tool but the VS team from Microsoft created a plugin to make it even better.
Overview¶Visual Web Developer 2005 (and 2008) Express Edition do not have the Publish website item on their Build menus. So far it was possible to publish directly Azure website from Visual Studio 2012 but with this release it is even easier to create & monitor Azure website from within Visual Studio. In next section, we will examine how we can monitor Azure Website from within Visual Studio.

As highlighted in above image, click on setting button in output window and select All Logs so that output window start capturing and display real time log of Azure website. If you use the web site templates while creating a project in Visual Studio 2010 then publishing experience is vastly different from what available on web application projects. Now come back to the Visual Studio editor and right click on the website and say Publish Web Site. Now take a scenario where you have published a web site and want to tweak some content or css.
You will recieve the logo in both JPEG and EPS format, so you can use it for websites, email templates and company documents. This article contains a few tricks and plugins for VS2010 that are out there and whose sole purpose is to improve everyday tasks and provide a slicker development experience. Half of those times when you run a project you don't want to debug it, you just need to take a better feeling of what you have developed, or even check out UI changes. You can copy from many different areas of your project (by pressing Ctrl + C) and then you can loop through your copied items by pressing both Ctrl + Shift and tapping V.
By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Space you can toggle whether Intellisense will also autocomplete your word or just display the possible matches without messing with what you are typing. Ctrl + D, Ctrl + F is a handy shortcut, not being used by another task and can be executed single-handed.Publishing your website can be done either using Web Deploy or using FTP.
This is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2010 adding additional functionality to various areas of the IDE. There are also tools that aren't free and if used properly can massively increase your productivity.
When a developer writes hundreds of lines of code every day it's statistically impossible for all those lines to be error free. To see real time log in action, start capturing log as described above and visit 2-3 pages of newly created and published Azure website and observe output window. Any opinions expressed herein are my personal and not of any organization or my current or previous employer. New updates have been released for improving publishing experience in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 as part of the Windows Azure SDK release.
For example if you have three production servers and assume they different environment variables then in VS 2010 you have to create build-configuration files. A lot of functionality has been added over the years, so navigating from one feature to another can be time-consuming.
It also encourages you by browsing the gallery to find libraries that will save you even more time. Changing the default look and feel of VS might be tricky, due to the many options available.

When Completion Mode is off Intellisense is still functional but the first result is not selected and you have to select it manually.Useful when you are writing Unit Tests about classes, methods or fields that don't exist yet.
If you have not subscribed to Azure service then you can subscribe for free trial from here. In Visual Studio 2012 you can take the release build-configuration file and can publish to as many places as you want. Spend some time to learn as many VS shortcuts as you can by going to Tools ( Options ( Keyboard as shown in the screenshot. So, start using it without second thoughts!Although NuGet has a UI that helps you manage your packages I suggest you to try the console interface. Luckily you can choose to apply a preconfigured theme that better fits your needs from StudioStyles. You can change the format options by going to Tools ( Options ( Text Editor, then choose one of the available languages and go to Formatting.
The most common technic is to copy the code, paste it below and comment it to keep a backup in case the change doesn't go that well.This is not the most efficient way of changing things and that's where versioning through a Source Control system is important. This whole post is divided in three sections, Creating Azure Website, Publishing to Azure Website & Monitoring Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013. This post walk-through the new publishing features available in Visual Studio 2012 by creating and publishing a new website. If you are in a team make sure everyone has the same settings otherwise this could get messy. Assuming the only option is FTP, then the fastest way to publish your site is by using the "File System" option in the publish window. Ex: When you renaming a class you can also rename the file where the class exists to match the new name. Team Foundation Server and SVN are probably the most well-known Source Control Systems but lately I find myself to prefer Distributed Version Control Systems like Git (via Github) or Mercurial (via Bitbucket).
You can even host your own private NuGet feed via MyGet with your own packages plus the packages from the original feed.
Not all the times VS renaming is perfect but 99.9% of them is a better way that finding references and renaming them using Find and Replace. Have this in your mind (II): They do have a performance impact on VS - minor of big is up to you to decide. Then you can use an external FTP client like Filezilla to upload your files and specifically only those that have changed.

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