The screen is divided into four sections - pull down menu, icon tool bar, work area and status bar. Controls the stop time while moving from one camera view point to the next when creating the Tour or T animation. Controls how many seconds of stop time to be inserted at the beginning and the end of a key frame animation.
Polygon Reduction is very useful if your SketchUp model is very large and you want to create a quick animation with less quality.
Click this icon if you want to move your camera to the original position of the SketchUp model that you imported.
The IMP symbol on the left of the Presets dialog box refers to importing SU Animate camera paths. Welcome to The Bell Tree Forums, one of the largest Animal Crossing forums on the internet! Our staff applications have been open for one week now, but there's still time left to submit an app if you haven't yet for either moderator or project staff!

The Wi-Fi is turned on and I can confirm that it is working as it does connect when I go through the Setup guide in Settings, but when I try to connect to Wi-Fi in the pull down menu. My phone keeps saying Wi-Fi Network available and it allows me to connect to it perfectly fine.
But I receive a exclamation mark next to the Wi-Fi icon when I turn it off and on again through the drop-down menu and it is not easy to get it to connect to the Wi-Fi again afterwards. Type the acount number and security code into the appropriate field then click on the 'Add Member' button. If the account number and security code were entered correctly, a yellow message box telling you the member was successfully added to the group will appear. Greater value makes the display precision higher, but the display speed and the control movement will get slower. If you want to create fast animations without reflections or artificial lights, non photo-realistic mode is useful.
You can add a views, create a sequence of views for your walk-thru animation, export a animation path to a video file format and import SU Animate path animations.

If you have created SU Animate, you can import the SU Animate animation path directly without having to import all the SketchUp scenes. To post messages, participate in the community, and share friend codes, register for an account here.
I end up getting an exclamation mark next to the Wi-Fi icon in the pull down menu when I disconnect from Wi-Fi and try to reconnect. You will need to click on them as the pictures are incredibly large when made to be images on here.
However, keep in mind the resolution of the image will be equal to the resolution of your monitor view port. Whenever there's a problem you can't seem to find on Internet, rebooting the mobile usually fixes the problem.

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