Teachers are using the Quality Teaching model as a way of delivering the curriculum to improve student achievement. Quality Teaching has helped focus teachers attention on HOW they teach as much as on WHAT they teach. Independent teaching involves supporting students to consolidate, transfer and apply new literacy learning. While intellectual quality is central, all three dimensions are essential for improved student outcomes.

Elements are observable characteristics of pedagogy within classroom practice and written tasks. Intellectual quality refers to pedagogy focused on producing deep understanding of important, substantive concepts, skills and ideas. Quality learning environment refers to pedagogy that creates classrooms where students and teachers work productively in an environment focused on learning. Significance refers to pedagogy that helps make learning meaningful and important to students.

The model which incorporates three dimensions of teaching practices, each of which consists of six elements, offers a framework through which teaching and assessment can focus on the achievement of student outcomes.
Topic 4: Authentic Assessment will revisit this model further applying the framework to assessment practices.

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