Lysander Spooner was an American individualist anarchist, political philosopher, Unitarian, Christian abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, legal theorist, and entrepreneur of the nineteenth century.
Since today’s original post was given away in the comments, I decided to post a second. GET ON THE LIST FOR MORE CREATIVE TIPS & RESOURCES, ART WORKSHOPS, AND SOULFUL INSPIRATION!
Love BINGO was a really fun way to learn about both the bride and the groom, and everyone loved it! I saved all the BINGO cards so I can play this again at another shower. We later launched a jewelry brand with the intention to promote self-expression through wearable art. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, but rather, fills the hat as Sarah Meier theorized.
Unfortunately, many of us still obsess over answers, not interrogation - the seed of all the damnedest creations ever made.

I was put in charge of games, which in my experience seems to be the job given to out-of-towners.
Then, number slips of paper 1-16 and write one question on each paper with the answer for either the bride or the groom.
I love more 'customized' bridal shower games that let people get to know the couple better! When Steve Jobs invented the iPad he initially challenged the design team by asking if there could be room for another gadget that can do what an iPhone and a Mac laptop can’t.
I've done games at a few showers now, and let's be honest: bridal shower games can get old quick.
All I had was my love for creating digital art from which arised the thought: could there possibly be a way for me to express my art in something that can be worn? My bridal showers are right around the corner, and I will be sending this post to the hosts for sure.

For almost a year looking for an answer, I came at a jewelry-making technique that uses resin, thermoplastic, and prints.
And as you try to look for a solution, you discover there is more than one way to answer it.
I've prepared some resources, articles and inspiration cocktails to help quench your thirst for a more creative life. For a more in-depth case study, here is a highly instructive article from The World Cafe.

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